John Mayer Tattoos

The Impressive Collection of John Mayer Tattoos

At first glance of this clean-cut, charming singer, you would not imagine that there would be any John Mayer tattoos to speak but believe it or not, there is quite a collection.  Although Mayer studied music in school in Boston, Massachusetts and even released a few commercial singles, it wasn’t until his Your Body is a Wonderland release in 2003 that the world fell in love with his soft voice and romantic lyrics.  Since then, John Mayer tattoos have slowly grown into a really spectacular and artistic collection.

Home Life

You will find the word Home on the back of his left arm and the word Life on the back of his right arm.  Home Life is a song from the Heavier Things album that holds a lot of personal meaning to him.  Heavier Things was one of his first two albums with which he achieved a multi-platinum status.


Next on the list of John Mayer tattoos is the number 77 on his chest on the left side of his body.  Mayer was born in Connecticut on October 16, 1977 so this piece is simply to pay tribute to his birth year.


On Mayer’s right shoulder you will find a colorful Koi fish.  The koi is much more than just a collectable fish, there are many legends and myths surrounding these beautiful fish.  They are considered a representation of aspiration, advancement, strength and perseverance.  The koi also symbolizes courage as well as the ability to overcome life’s obstacles and achieve goals.

Full Sleeve

The next piece in the collection of John Mayer tattoos is the one he is certainly most well known for.  He slowly worked on this striking and detailed full sleeve that was finally complete in April of 2008.  This tattoo began as a simple, decorated rectangle on his bicep along with the letters SRV to represent Stevie Ray Vaughan, his idol.  When Mayer was in his early teenage years, someone gave him a cassette of SRV and he fell in love with the blues.  He was so inspired that he started to take guitar lessons from the owner of a local music shop and he became obsessed with the instrument.  He worked at a gas station for 15 months to save up to purchase a 1996 SRV signature Stratocaster.

That original piece on the list of John Mayer tattoos has now turned into a fascinating sleeve with various floral designs and a large dragon-like figure across his inner arm.

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