Japanese Tattoos

What are the Best Japanese Tattoos?

Japanese calligraphy, comes in three acceptable handwriting styles. There is a blocky style like print handwriting in English, a semi-cursive style and the full cursive style.  So not only do you have to pick what is going to be said in your tattoo, but what style it should be in. You might also want the letters done in a different colour, or have the calligraphy accompanied by other designs common to Japanese tattoos. 

Although your selected tattoo artist might already have designs of Japanese tattoos he or she is used to doing, you need to bring a clear picture of what you want to the artist.  He or she will then make a stencil, or outline, of the design onto your skin. 

It might take more than one session in the tattooing chair for you to get your entire Japanese tattoo.  Find this out in advance, if you can, so you know what you’re getting into.  The tattoo may look awful in the parlour, but your skin is angry about being poked by so many needles.  It will take about a month to heal and reveal the true results.

And, if all of this seems too daunting, many toy stores and gift shops sell temporary body art designs even Japanese calligraphy.  They fade off in a few days. But this is not a tattoo no matter what’s on the packet, tattoos are placed under the skin and don’t wash off.

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