Hayden Panettiere Tattoos

Do You Think Hayden Panettiere Tattoos are a Disaster?

Fans are all crazed over Hayden Panettiere tattoos and the unfortunate error that is displayed.  Hayden is the ideal image of the girl next door with her adorable and refreshing good looks.  Born August 21st, 1989, she is an American actress who has also received a Grammy nomination for her singing abilities as well.

Hayden started her career at an extremely early age on One Life to Live and then Guiding Light.  Of course, since she was born the daughter of a former actress in soap operas, it seemed as though the cards were already in her favor to be a huge success from the very beginning.

This actress began her modeling career at only four months old and just looking at her, you would have never guessed that there would eventually be any Hayden Panettiere tattoos in her future.  Her career really began to blossom when she landed her role as Claire Bennet on Heroes where she played a cheerleader who had regenerative healing powers.  Of course, this was good preparation for her role as leading cheerleader in Bring it On 2: All or Nothing.  As of yet, there were still no Hayden Panettiere tattoos to speak of.

By 2009, Hayden’s popularity was undeniable after starring in movies such as I Love You, Beth Cooper and in 2010, she was cast for Scream 4.  When she’s not busy working on her acting or singing career, she works with Sea Shepherd and PETA to disrupt dolphin hunting.  She is also passionate about stopping whale hunting as well.

Tattoo Disaster

If being constantly portrayed as an airhead in her film roles and interviews isn’t bad enough, the one and only piece in the collection of Hayden Panettiere is spelled improperly.  Running down her left side in cursive are the words Vivere senza rimipianti.  Translated out of Italian, this means To live without regrets.  So, what’s the problem with this tattoo?  The word rimipianti should be spelled rimpianti, a dreadful mistake for this native Italian beauty.

When asked about the unfortunate error in the collection of Hayden Panettiere tattoos, she basically laughs it off and claims she did not realize that it was misspelled because it is on her back where she can’t see it.  Fair enough.  Hayden says for now, all she can do is laugh about it and that she is contemplating covering it since it is incredibly hard to fix script tattoos.

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