Girl Tattoos

The term girl tattoos used to refer to tattoos of pin up girls, such as Betty Boop, that would adorn the bodies of the sailors and bikers that would commonly wear tattoos. 

However, as tattoos have become more common, girl tattoos are now known for being gender specific tattoos that symbolize femininity and delicacy.  Today, there are a wide variety of different girl tattoos with different symbols and meanings.

One common girl tattoo is a butterfly tattoo.  A butterfly is one of the most popular girl tattoos, and it can have several different meanings associated with it. This depends on the colour and placement on the body!

Another common girl tattoo is a flower tattoo.  Flowers can symbolize happiness or passion.  The colour of the flower has a lot to do with what the flower tattoo means; a red rose could symbolize love and passion, while a yellow flower often means joy and happiness.

Other common girl tattoos include those that feature a simple name or word.  When written in delicate script, the girl’s own name or even a feminine adjective shows confidence and femininity.  It is important not to use a script that is too overpowering, because that would take away from the femininity of the tattoo.

Some common areas where girls choose to place their tattoos include: shoulder, lower back, hip, and ankle.  However, just because these are common areas where girls place their tattoos doesn’t mean that they can’t be placed anywhere else.

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