Get A Tattoo You Will Always Love

The Best Way to Get a Tattoo You Will Always Love!

Think about the tattoo that will best suit you, the style and the area where the tattoo will go and what, if any, the meaning is of the tattoo you choose before you get it!

An important fact to remember about adorning one’s body with a tattoo is that the ink is at least semi-permanent. Yes it is possible to remove a tattoo but depending on size and area you could be left with a patch of scarred and sensitive skin.

This is not something that you want to happen so it’s important to put thought into it or run the risk of having a tattoo you can’t stand the sight of and possible ruin part of your life, (Face of ex-lover etc).  Either way it’s a pain, so think before you ink. There are lots of tattoos which look great and demonstrate something important, but be sure of your reason as its permanent.

Remember a lot of people like to get a lovers name tattooed but relationships do end. There are those that get the name or symbol of a band they really like, but if they then release a few bad albums or there’s some kind of scandal, (I don’t need to go into that) then you will want to disassociate yourself from them rather than carry around a permanent reminder.

I’m sorry but it’s a fact, we will get older and most of us will change but our tattoos can not change with us, so it is important to find something that is permanent before reflecting it in a tattoo.

Things that are permanent include kids – a tattoo with their name is good, Kanji symbols, Japanese or Chinese symbols. Star tats representing something you love, yin yang tats or a flag representing your home country can be a good way of demonstrating what you stand for.

It’s your body and your choice, make it a good one. If you’re happy with your tattoo lets us know and send us a picture and what it means to you and your story.

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