Dania Ramirez Tattoos

Are You Impressed by Dania Ramirez Tattoos?

The list of Dania Ramirez tattoos is very short, quite fresh and a little confusing.  Born November 8th, 1979, Ramirez is a Dominican film and television actress most well known for her role as Alex in Entourage but the list of her work is much more extensive and pretty impressive.  She was born in the Dominican Republic and knew from a very young age that she wanted to be on the big screen.

As a child, she would often reenact soap operas as she always loved to be the center of attention.  When she was 15,working at a convenience store in Los Angeles, she was discovered and cast in a soda commercial.  Soon after that, she made the decision that she really wanted to get serious about her acting career so she studied under Flo Greenburg in New York City at The Actor’s Workshop.  In 1999, she graduated with her degree from Montclair State University and she immediately moved to Los Angeles so she would pursue her career in acting.  There was no Dania Ramirez tattoos to speak of as of yet.

Although she is well-known for her role in the seventh season of Entourage, one cannot overlook her other fantastic television appearances.  Ramirez played in The Sopranos and made a guest appearance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  She also has a solid list of roles in films, none of which show any of the Dania Ramirez tattoos.  In 2009, she was cast in Spike Lee’s film entitled She Hate Me and then she had a role in Fat Albert the same year.  After that, she was cast in X-Men-The Last Stand, The 5th Commandment, Illegal Tender, Solving Charlie, Brooklyn to Manhattan and Quarantine.

Arm Tattoo

The first piece on the tiny list of Dania Ramirez tattoos are the words LiveLoveLife printed vertically down the back of her right forearm.  While the tattoo may be cute to some people who like the fact that it looks as though a five-year old wrote on her, most of her fans are more than disappointed.  Ramirez is not a cute person, she is exotic and beautiful and would have been better off with a more powerful piece.  Fine, keep the words but maybe the tattoo could be better placed or executed.  Needless to say, this is not ink that earned her any new fans.

Foot Tattoo

The second of the Dania Ramirez tattoos are the numbers 13-5-22 on the side of her left foot.  Just what does this series of  numbers mean?  As of yet, no one knows but her fans can only hope the meaning is deeper and more mysterious than her arm piece.

Stomach Tattoo

A Simple Heart and Dice tattoo

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