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Eminem Tattoos

The Meaning of Eminem Tattoos It is easy to say that Eminem tattoos are just as deep and meaningful as the words that flow from his mouth. Born October 17th, 1972 as Marshall Bruce Mathers III and also know as Slim Shady, his alter ego, he is a force to be reckoned with in the […]

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Pauley Perrette Tattoos

Pauley Perrette Tattoos – Real or Fake? There’s always so much confusion over Pauley Perrette tattoos because Abby Sciuto, a role she is most well-known for, boasts quite a bit of ink herself. So, which pieces belong to Pauley and which are drawn on for the purpose of Abby? This is a question many of […]

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Dania Ramirez Tattoos

Are You Impressed by Dania Ramirez Tattoos? The list of Dania Ramirez tattoos is very short, quite fresh and a little confusing.  Born November 8th, 1979, Ramirez is a Dominican film and television actress most well known for her role as Alex in Entourage but the list of her work is much more extensive and […]

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Katie Cassidy Tattoos

The Exquisite Collection of Katie Cassidy Tattoos Really, what is  not to love about Katie Cassidy tattoos.  They are all simple yet elegant and rich with meaning which is so refreshing compared to some of the pieces worn by many celebrities.  Born November 25, 1986, this American actress seems to have landed roles in the […]

Cute Fairy Tattoos

Why Choose a Cute Fairy Tattoo? Are you fond of tattoos? There are people who would die for these tattoos. They get them on their shoulders, back, naval, ankle and even on some other places on their body. There are different kinds of tattoos that can be created these days and you will be overwhelmed […]

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Cute Angel Tattoos

Cute Angel Tattoos are Popular Choices Tattoos have become quite popular these days. There are different kinds of tattoos that have become popular. First of all you need to select the part of your body where you want to have the tattoo. These things are popular among men as well as women. Some of the […]

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Rose Tattoos

The interesting thing about rose tattoos is that while other tattoo designs tend to be gender specific, rose tattoos are frequently seen on both men and women. There are many different reasons why both men and women choose to get rose tattoos, and those reasons are interesting ones. First of all, the rose is often […]

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Girl Tattoos

The term girl tattoos used to refer to tattoos of pin up girls, such as Betty Boop, that would adorn the bodies of the sailors and bikers that would commonly wear tattoos.  However, as tattoos have become more common, girl tattoos are now known for being gender specific tattoos that symbolize femininity and delicacy.  Today, […]

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The Best Small Tattoos

The Pros of Getting Small Tattoos In most societies there are things that are deemed acceptable and things that are frowned upon.  Most people know the so called rules and abide by them most of the time.  But there will always be rebels in the system, who want to do things in their own way, […]

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