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Miley Cyrus Tattoos

Miley Cyrus Tattoos People have had negative things to say about Miley Cyrus tattoos since the picture of her very first one emerged. Yes, she was under 18 but she also had the consent of her father. It seems as though everything this talented singer-songwriter does is constantly over-analyzed when the truth is, she was just […]

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The Meanings of Kanji Tattoos

What are the Meanings of Kanji Tattoo Symbols? There are lots of people who want to have these tattoos on their bodies. But they cannot understand which of them will be the best choice for them. There are so many options available that people get confused. Tattoos are equally popular among both men as well […]

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Celtic Irish Tattoos

There’s No Blarney about Irish Tattoos, Not Anymore! You don’t have to be Irish to sport Irish tattoos, often called “Celtic tattoos”.  If the design strikes you as being the perfect tattoo for you, you should follow your dream, no mater what your nationality.  Irish tattoos aren’t always green and aren’t always just a shamrock […]

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Why Choose a Lower Back Tattoo

Lower Back Tattoos Although women have several areas for tattoos, the lower back is one of the most erotic and sensual areas women can get tattooed. Lower back tattoos are easy to cover up as well, which is great for those who aren’t allowed to have tattoos at work. Unlike other areas of the body, […]

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Terrible Tattoos

Think before you Ink! Or end up with a Terrible Tattoo Some people have simply awful tattoos. This should not be seen as a call to condemn the entire idea of getting a tattoo, but it should be a quiet reminder to anyone thinking of getting ink done, that they need to be careful before […]

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Free Tattoo Designs

Where Can I Get Free Tattoo Designs? When you stop and think about it, a free tattoo design sounds a lot better than paying as much as $150.00 for one at a tattoo studio. The fact about it is simple, someone could just as easily draw their tattoo design themselves and then pay the tattoo […]

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The Phoenix Tattoo

The Meaning and Power of the Phoenix When you chooses to get a phoenix tattoo it shouldn’t be a decision taken lightly.  The phoenix is a mythological bird found in the legends of many countries, with the power of eternal life.  A phoenix according to the most popular forms of the legends, live solitary lives […]

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Sporting Tattoos

The Pros and Cons of Sporting Tattoos Among the most popular types of tattoo for an individual to get are sporting tattoos. These are common just about everywhere in the world that has tattoo parlours and sports teams. There are many potential variations as well, thanks to the nature of team sport which has uniforms, […]

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What are Temporary Tattoos?

Temporary Tattoos It used to be that temporary tattoos were things that you could get out of a vending machine at the grocery store. While this is still true, you can also now get temporary tattoos that really look as if they could be real. If you have never gotten a temporary tattoo before, they […]

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The Meanings Behind Heart Tattoos

Understanding The Meanings Behind Heart Tattoos Researchers have found varieties of the heart symbol used throughout history, dating all the way back to the time just prior to the ice age.  Symbols of the heart have been used by just about every culture, from the ancient Egyptians to Greek mythology to the tribes of Africa.  […]

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The Price Of Tattoos

What will be the Price Of a Tattoo? The price of a tattoo is the most common question people ponder before they get a tattoo. Although they can be very expensive, they are still within your reach. Most people who know they are getting a tattoo will save their money up. Even though you may have […]

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Tattoos, What to Expect?

What Should you Expect When You Get Your First Tattoo? If this is your first then your first question will be, does is will it hurt? Well, yes, of course it will but not too much. Some people say it feels like a bee sting on a sunburn. Personally, it did not bother me much at […]

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Japanese Tattoos

What are the Best Japanese Tattoos? Japanese calligraphy, comes in three acceptable handwriting styles. There is a blocky style like print handwriting in English, a semi-cursive style and the full cursive style.  So not only do you have to pick what is going to be said in your tattoo, but what style it should be […]

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Beware The Teardrop Tattoo

The Teardrop Tattoo & Its Many Meanings One of the most controversial parts of the tattoo world is that of the teardrop tattoo. This look is worn by a number of people, but is most commonly spoken about due to its connections with imprisonment. Even within the prison system, the teardrop tattoo has a number of […]

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Why Twilight Tattoos

Choosing Twilight Tattoos, Why (The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb) Sounds great but will it last?  Unless you have been living under a rock for the last two years, it will be hard for you to have escaped the book and film that has been the subject of conversation both positive and negative […]

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Meaning of Tattoos

The Why Behind Tattoos! Rant and Rave… The reality is that most people select their tattoos based on deep, personal meaning. They aren’t interested on what is “in” and what will get them the recognition of the cool crowd. The reason for the stigma of being tattooed is because of the tired and cynical among […]

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Tattoos Over Time

What Will Happen to My Tattoos Over Time? Over time tattoos will chance with the skin on a constant basis due to the wind, sun, regeneration etc. The way a tattoo looks and the design must also chance with the skin as it shrinks, stretches and ages. The pigment that makes up the tattoo must […]

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Tattoos, What’s in a Name?

Tattoos, What’s in a Name? A Whole Lot More Than You May Think! Nowadays it’s not uncommon to see name tattoos! Name tattoos are actually some of the most common tattoos there are at the moment. So if your thinking of paying a tribute to someone important in their life by having their name permanently […]

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How to Choose the Right Fairy Tattoos

Here are Some Ways That You Can Use To Choose & Customise Your Fairy Tattoo. For many people, fairies represent the magical and wondrous properties of the natural world personified into a small, beautiful creature.  Fairies represent absolute good and in most literature, represent a triumph of good over evil. Fairy tattoos are often sported by […]

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Are There Tattoo Risks?

Hi folks, if you’re reading this you may be new to tattoos or maybe a parent doing research for your child. So let’s cut thought the B.S. and get straight to it. If you listen to someone who loves tattoos they will normally put a positive spin on it and on the flip side you […]

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Popular Tattoo Designs

What Are the Most Popular Tattoo Designs? This is a question you should not be asking! Most likely this will be there for life so it should mean something to you, not someone else. Certainly not what the heard is doing! Now, if you like a tattoo that is popular that’s different. You like it […]

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Get A Tattoo You Will Always Love

The Best Way to Get a Tattoo You Will Always Love! Think about the tattoo that will best suit you, the style and the area where the tattoo will go and what, if any, the meaning is of the tattoo you choose before you get it! An important fact to remember about adorning one’s body with […]

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