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David Beckham Tattoos

The Phenomenal List of David Beckham Tattoos David Beckham tattoos are certainly some of the most photographed out of all athletes.  This soccer star is as well known for his tattoos and fashion sense as he is for the game.  Of course, the fact that him and wife Victoria do make up one of the […]

Yin Yang Symbols & Tattoos

Yin Yang Tattoos:  One of the Oldest and Most Recognized Symbols Yin Yang tattoos are one of the most recognizable symbols in the world  On the symbol, black is used to represent yin while white is used for yang.  In Taoism, the symbol is a reflection of the intertwined duality in all things in nature. […]

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Yin Yang Tattoos

What Are Yin Yang Tattoos? Are you fond of tattoos? This wonderful work of art has become very popular these days. They are equally popular among men as well as women. There are certain tattoos which has different kinds of meanings behind them. They usually stand for different things. If you are interested in these things […]

The Meanings of Kanji Tattoos

What are the Meanings of Kanji Tattoo Symbols? There are lots of people who want to have these tattoos on their bodies. But they cannot understand which of them will be the best choice for them. There are so many options available that people get confused. Tattoos are equally popular among both men as well […]

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Kanji Tattoo Symbols

What Are Kanji Tattoo Symbols In modern Japanese writing system Kanji are Chinese characters used like alphabets in English. By the term symbols we mean, that Kanji is pictorial, and is also known as “ideograms” or “ideographs” all over the world. There is a lot more to it, you can learn about the different patterns […]

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Ying Yang Tattoos

What Are Ying Yang Tattoos? The good and the evil are the two opposites of the universe that are on warring sides and the war is never ending as long as the balance between the two is maintained. Ancient Chinese scriptures have a lot of material on this subject and there are many symbols that […]

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Japanese Tattoos

What are the Best Japanese Tattoos? Japanese calligraphy, comes in three acceptable handwriting styles. There is a blocky style like print handwriting in English, a semi-cursive style and the full cursive style.  So not only do you have to pick what is going to be said in your tattoo, but what style it should be […]

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Tattoos, What’s in a Name?

Tattoos, What’s in a Name? A Whole Lot More Than You May Think! Nowadays it’s not uncommon to see name tattoos! Name tattoos are actually some of the most common tattoos there are at the moment. So if your thinking of paying a tribute to someone important in their life by having their name permanently […]

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The Meaning of Chinese Tattoos

Do Chinese Tattoos have Meanings? Chinese Tattoos are very popular at the moment and there are many ways top use them. Theses tattoos are available in many different designs as some of the Chinese tattoos are based the symbols of the Chinese language. Unlike English the language is made up of thousands of different characters […]

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