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Confused About Which Brad Pitt Tattoos are Real and Which Ones are Fake?

Although it seems as though every movie brings new fake Brad Pitt tattoos, he actually has an intriguing little collection of real ones as well.  This American actor and producer has been deemed one of the sexiest men alive since he hit the scene in 1992 with A River Runs Through It and then in 1994 with the legendary Interview With a Vampire.

A large assortment of real and fake Brad Pitt tattoos have emerged on his body in smash hits like Legends of the Fall, Seven, Twelve Monkeys, Fight Club, Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen, Troy and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  It seems as though this star can’t make a bad movie!  So, which Brad Pitt tattoos are real and which are fake?

Stomach Tattoo

Rather than pay tribute to his wife Angelina Jolie by getting her name tattooed on his body, he opted for her birthday instead.  Written in Khmer is the date 06/4/75.  Khmer is Cambodia’s official language and also the location where one of their adopted children came from.  Pitt and Jolie fell in love on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  In 2010, they were married in India at the Umaid Bhavan Palace.  There is question whether the marriage is legally binding but for the two of them, it doesn’t really matter.

Lower Right Back

One of the newest Brad Pitt tattoos is one that certainly has everyone talking.  Sketched in a linear pattern on the right lower portion of his back is a pattern of quite choppy lines that really don’t relate to each other.

At first, people assumed these lines represented the downed levees relating to Hurricane Katrina since he was so active in helping the victims.  Others speculated the lines mapped out the French Quarter found in New Orleans.  However, this new addition to the collection of brad Pitt tattoos is nothing more than a doodle by Angelina.  Apparently she was drawing on him one night, he liked the way it looked so he made the design permanent.  Kind of random but fans certain loved the mystery.

Left Lower Back

On the left part of his lower back is the next piece on the list of Brad Pitt tattoos.  Here you will find a Sanskrit prayer for Maddox, his son, similar to one Angelina wears on her back only not nearly as large.  Maddox was born in Cambodia on August 5th, 2001 and the couple adopted him along with Zahara Marley on January 19th, 2006.

Left Forearm

Last of the real Brad Pitt tattoos is the sketch of Otzi, Europe’s oldest mummy.  In 1991, Otzi was found in a glacier in Italy and he was estimated to be 5,300 years old.  The tattoo is a simple outline and so far, no one was has determined why he chooses to pay tribute to this glorified mummy.

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