Eminem Tattoos

The Meaning of Eminem Tattoos

It is easy to say that Eminem tattoos are just as deep and meaningful as the words that flow from his mouth. Born October 17th, 1972 as Marshall Bruce Mathers III and also know as Slim Shady, his alter ego, he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry!

If the list of Eminem tattoos doesn’t make you a fan and earn respect, his long list of accomplishments will. Often referred to as a Lyrical Genius, many magazines have even voted him as one of the top artists of all times.

Since his career exploded in 1999, Eminem has been unstoppable. Endless awards, his own record label and star roles in movies have made him one of the most loved, respected and envied artists in the world. From his rough childhood, he has fought and worked hard for everything he has, his success is truly well-deserved.

Eminem Tattoos

Hailie Jade Portrait – One of the more recent Eminem tattoos is a portrait of his daughter Hailie Jade. This piece is located on his upper right arm, beneath are the words Bonnie and Clyde, a song dedicated to hereminem-tats on his Slim Shady LP.

Uncle Ronnie- On his left arm you will find a piece done as a tribute to his uncle, Ronnie Pilkington. Growing up without a father, Eminem was very close to his uncle who committed suicide in 1991. Ronnie was the one who first introduced Eminem to Hip Hop. The piece has mushrooms, skulls, buildings and the eyes said to be of a whore.

Hailie Jade Name – Next on the list of Eminem tattoos are the words Hailie Jade placed vertically on his right arm when she was born in 1995.

Tribal – On his left wrist, Eminem wears a Gothic bracelet. It probably once had a meaning but he admits he doesn’t remember what it was and that he may have been a bit intoxicated when he got it.

Slit Me – It’s no secret that Eminem had a rough past and thoughts of suicide were often there. Slit Me are the words written in cursive across his right wrist.

D12 – Next on the list of Eminem tattoos are two pieces that make up one. The letter D is on his right forearm while the number 12 is on the left. Combined these make up D12, or Dirty Dozen, for his original group.

Rot in Pieces – Eminem’s troubled marriage and divorce has been exploited since problems first erupted. The tattoo on his stomach has Kim (his ex-wife’s name), an open grave and the words Rot in Pieces.

Proof – The Hip Hop industry and especially Detroit artists were devastated upon the death of Proof. Eminem wears the name Proof down the back of his left forearm, the same tattoo Proof himself had.


Miley Cyrus Tattoos

Miley Cyrus Tattoos

mc1People have had negative things to say about Miley Cyrus tattoos since the picture of her very first one emerged. Yes, she was under 18 but she also had the consent of her father. It seems as though everything this talented singer-songwriter does is constantly over-analyzed when the truth is, she was just trying to be a teenager. Of course, her fans welcome the collection of Miley Cyrus tattoos with open arms!

Born 23 November 1992 as Destiny Hope Cyrus, she is most well known for her role as Hanna Montana/Miley Stewart. Her patents, Billy Ray and Letitia Cyrus gave her the name of Destiny Hope because they were confident that she would do great things with her life. Billy Ray often called her smiley because she was such a happy baby which later was shortened to miley, hence her changed name to Miley.

Although the collection of Miley Cyrus tattoos didn’t begin until 2009 but her career started in 2001 when she was cast with the Disney Channel for the leading role in Hanna Montana. Her popularity exploded immediately and now that she has matured in her music, her fan base has significantly expanded.

Miley Cyrus Tattoos

• Just Breathe – First on the list of Miley Cyrus tattoos are the words Just Breathe on her ribmc4 cage on the left side. This is one she had done at the age of 17 and it was revealed in December 2009. The piece is a tribute to Vanessa, one of her close friends who died in 2007 of cystic fibrosis and to her two grandfathers who both happened to die of lung cancer. The tattoo is a reminder to not take anything for granted, even breathing because it was an impossible task for those she loved.

• Love – The word love is included in the collection of Miley Cyrus tattoos. It’s done inside her right ear and is supposed to drown negative messages out and only allow her to hear positive things from those who really love her.

mc3• Dream Catcher – Of all the Miley Cyrus tattoos, this one is the largest. On her right side, you will find a dream catcher with four feathers that represent her siblings. It’s there to protect them and it’s the same dream catcher that’s by her bed.

• Anchor – This piece was revealed on tour in May 2011. Miley told her mother she wanted a tattoo that would remind her that she always has a safe place to return and to always stay grounded.

• Hand – There are five Miley Cyrus tattoos on her right hand. A heart is on her pinkie, a cross on her ring finger, the word mc2 karma is on her index finger, a peace sign on her middle finger and now there’s an equal sign on the outside of her ring finger. The equal sign is her newest addition, done to support gay marriage.


Adam Levine Tattoo Meanings

There are constantly questions that arise regarding Adam Levine tattoo meanings. He’s not like a lot of other celebrities who either hide their ink or wear pieces that have no symbolic meaning at all.

Each one of his tattoos is symbolic of his life; really, what would you expect from such a gifted artist anyway?

Surprisingly, many people find themselves seeking information regarding Adam Levine tattoo meanings without even knowing much about him at all. Some simply see him in a magazine and are intrigued by all of his ink.

Well, in case you don’t know, he is the man behind the intoxicating voice of the lead vocalist from Maroon 5. He is also one of the four judges on The Voice.

Hear the Best of Adam Levine

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Adam Levine Tattoo Meanings

• Frankie – One of Adam Levine tattoo meanings most people just fall in love with him over is the one he wears on his right shoulder blade. Here you’ll find a paw print with the words Frankie Girl under it. Of course, anyone who knows Levine is aware that he is a huge dog lover and Frankie is his Golden Retriever.

• Sanskrit – It is suggested that the Sanskrit or Hindu writing on his chest reads tapas which means meditation.

• Shark – Despite the fact that Levine has tweeted recently about watching Shark Week on television, he admits that sharks are one of his biggest fears. Interesting that he wears one on his ribcage.

• Guitar – Most can guess at Adam Levine tattoo meanings for this piece. Not only does he sing, he is an unbelievable guitar player, hence the large guitar on is left forearm. This is a piece he’s most well-known for and many fans vote this as their favorite.

• X – Many try to guess at Adam Levine tattoo meanings regarding this piece but few figures out what it is. The X on his left bicep is actually a Roman numeral 10. It symbolizes the 10th anniversary of his band Maroon 5.

 222 – The studio that Maroon 5 recorded in for the very first time had the number 222 on the door. This inspired the 222 on his forearm.

• Hometown Tribute – Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Levine loves this city like he loves his music. The words Los Angeles are written on the very top of his upper bicep.

• 9/11 Remembrance – Fans can’t help but deeply appreciate and respect Adam Levine tattoo meanings for the beautiful piece on his left shoulder. Here you will find cherry blossoms and doves done as a tribute to the many lives that were lost as a result of 9/11.

• Mom – The newest piece leaves no confusion over the meaning. Levine had a heart with the word mom scrolled through on a ribbon placed on his left forearm simply because he loves his mom.


Kelly Rowland Tattoos

There’s one very good reason why Kelly Rowland tattoos have caused such a commotion; she is the hottest thing to come out of Houston, Texas! Of course, according to the two pieces in the collection, she knows it too! Born Kelendria Trene Rowland on 11 February 1981, she is a songwriter, recording artist, model and actress, most well-known for being in Destiny’s Child.

Although Rowland was actually born in Atlanta, Georgia, she moved to Houston at eight years old, the state that is happy to claim her as one of their talented artists. At this very young age, she was put into a group called Girl’s Tyme which also included LaTavia Roberson and Beyoncé Knowles. Although they performed on Star Search, the group actually lost. No one back then could have predicted that Kelly Rowland tattoos would be one of the hottest topics of conversation for 2011!

Fortunately, Beyoncé’s father Matthew Knowles saw real potential in the girls so he actually resigned from his job to become their manager.


Long before the collection of Kelly Rowland tattoos surfaced, it was inevitable that she would become a star. In 1993, the group became known as Destiny’s Child and with sons like No No No, Bootylicious and Say My Name, no one could have ever predicted the group would quickly encounter turmoil.

In March 2006, the group was granted a star on the infamous Hollywood Walk of Fame as Time Magazine said they were the best-selling group of all time in the female category. Of course, this was all after Rowland rejoined Destiny’s Child after taking three years off for solo work. When fans heard the group was back together, they could hardly wait for the fourth album.

Today, Kelly Rowland tattoos are receiving so much attention because she has taken her place beside Tulisa Contostavlos, Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh on the eight series of The X Factor. Promotional pictures were released in August 2011 across the internet and her fans were overjoyed that she’d be a part of the show.

Kelly Rowland Tattoos

The first piece in the collection of Kelly Rowland tattoos says that she certainly has no issues with confidence. Written on the right side of her torso is the word Masterpiece. She had this first one done on 16 February 2011 and her good friend La La Vazquez was there to witness it and take pictures.

Only a month later, she added to the collection of Kelly Rowland tattoos with the words God’s Gift on the outside of her right foot.

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Malaika Arora Tattoos

Although she has already had a great deal of success, the newest addition to the collection of Malaika Arora tattoos has significantly broadened her fan base. Born October 23rd, 1973, this is one female who is certainly getting better with age. Arora is an Indian actress, model, former MTV VJ and if that’s not enough, she is one of the top Item Girls in India.

The reason why there is such a fuss over Malaika Arora tattoos is because through her prime years of popularity, there were never any exposed. Now that she’s not necessarily in the limelight as much, she goes and adds a little ink as if to give fans a reason to talk about her again.

Born to a Malayali Catholic mother and a Punjabi father in Membai, she was a well-behaved daughter and a good student. Arora attended Swami Vivekanand School and then completed her college education at Jai Hind. Yes, in addition to be good looking and talented, she’s also educated!


It is hard to say if the presence of Malaika Arora tattoos would have made her more popular while she was in her prime or not. When MTV launched their operations in India, Arora was selected as a VJ. This ultimately resulted in her being one of India’s most popular females.

After this, she landed roles in Style Check and Love Line which proved her acting potential. Not too far behind, her modeling career took off as well but still, there were no Malaika Arora tattoos to speak of.

Arora has also had roles or appearances in a long list of films, including Dil Se, Bichhoo, Indian, Mag Tujhhe Salaam, Kaante, The Hero, Kaal, Heyy Babyy, Athidhi, Om Shanti Om, Welcome, EMI, Helloo India, Prem Kaa Game, Houseful and Dabangg.

Malaika Arora Tattoos

Despite the fact that many fans assume the lower back piece in the collection of Malaika Arora tattoos is the only ink that she has, it’s not.

Arora says that her philosophy on tattoos is that they should be able to be easily hidden, especially in her line of work. She actually has a tattoo of her son’s name, Arhaan, only it’s hidden and she won’t reveal where  it is.

The latest piece on the list of Malaika Arora tattoos is the one on her lower back. The word ANGEL is found there with a pair of wings. She chose this design because in Swahili, her name actually means Angel.

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Pauley Perrette Tattoos

Pauley Perrette Tattoos – Real or Fake?

There’s always so much confusion over Pauley Perrette tattoos because Abby Sciuto, a role she is most well-known for, boasts quite a bit of ink herself. So, which pieces belong to Pauley and which are drawn on for the purpose of Abby?

This is a question many of her fans are dying to know.

Don’t Stereotype Her

Pauley Perrette tattoos, dark hair, fair skin and unique sense of style always raises the question if she’s punk or goth. Not a question you’ll find her answering other than to say, “Who Cares?” Perrette is not keen on being stereotyped, she is who she is. Even without her tattoos, she’d be the same person.

A Little History

While everyone may not understand Pauley Perrette tattoos, some are not there to be interpreted. They are just as unique as she is. Born March 27th, 1969 in New Orleans, she was raised all over the country including California, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. If that’s not enough, she’s pretty brilliant too. Perrette was an undergrad in psychology, sociology and criminal science, it only makes sense that she now plays a forensic scientist!

Pauley Perrette Tattoos

When asked about her tattoos, Perrette says that they all have some type of personal meaning from divine intervention to the nature of life to disillusionment. Therefore, while a viewer may not understand them, she certainly does!

Stick Figures – First on the list of Pauley Perrette tattoos are two identical and very charming stick figure angels. She wears one on the back of each shoulder. One would assume perhaps she has a guardian angel on each shoulder.

Scientific Symbol – Although the black scientific symbol strategically placed directly in the center of her back may look like a an abstract flower, it’s not! It is suggested this piece may have something to do with her interest in science.

Cross – One of the largest and most striking of all the Pauley Perrette tattoos is the cross she wears on her lower back. She is a regular member of the beautiful Hollywood United Methodist Church.

Infinity Symbol – On her inner forearm you will find an infinity symbol.

R.I.P. – Although it is uncertain who this tattoo is dedicated to, she wears R.I.P. On her left forearm.

Happy Face – The happy face on her right middle finger just adds to her fun-loving personality.

There is also a very small circular tattoo of something unknown above her right heel. Despite the fact that these are said to be the real Pauley Perrette tattoos, there are those who say that some belong to Abby. What do you think?

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Amy Dumas Tattoos

Fans can’t seem to get enough of Amy Dumas tattoos; fortunately she has no problem showing them off. Also known as The Anti- Diva, Lovely Lita, The Extreme Diva and Queen of Extreme, Dumas is a retired WWE Diva and professional wrestler who went on to spend her time as the lead singer in The Luchagors.

Born 14 April 1975 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Dumas moved around and changed schools a lot. She’s not just another pretty face either; she actually finished high school early and even attended Georgia State University for a while before deciding it was just too juvenile. While she lived in Washington D.C., she played bass guitar for not one but several bands and worked as a roadie for five years. After this time, she started taking judo classes and wrestling.

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Throughout her career, fans have watched the collection of Amy Dumas tattoos grow. It was 1999 when she was approached to make her debut as Miss Congeniality and soon began using the name Angelica. By the end of the year, she was signed with WWE full time.

Dumas was given the name Lita and paired up with Essa Rios; this is where the magic really began. During this time, she was famous for wearing baggy pants that showed off her thong.

In April 2002, Dumas was filming a scene for Dark Angel,(see Jessica Alba Tattoos) fell on her neck and ended up having to have surgery on her vertebrae. It took her over a year to rehabilitate after this.

The collection of Amy Dumas tattoos was already pretty popular by the time she stopped her wrestling career. Of course, it was made even more popular when she started her band in 2006. The Luchagors debuted at Rock-N-Shock in Atlanta and suddenly there was a whole new group of fans who were crazy over the collection of Amy Dumas tattoos.

Amy Dumas Tattoos

 Gargoyle – One of the Amy Dumas tattoos that she’s most well-known for is the three-eyed green gargoyle that she wears on her right bicep. Despite the frightening appearance that most gargoyles display and although many associate them with being bad, they were actually originally created to ward off evil spirits.

• Punk – On the inner part of her lower lip is where you’ll find the next piece in the collection of Amy Dumas tattoos. The word punk is found here, a tattoo that certainly must have hurt just a bit.

• Iconoclast – On the lower part of her neck you will find the word Iconoclast. The piece is so intriguing because it’s done in Russian Cyrillic letters.

• Sleeve – Last on the list of Amy Dumas tattoos is a sleeve she had done in 2007. Her left arm features an array of designs including Mexican skulls; one wears a logo from the band 7 Seconds on its forehead.

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Asia Argento Tattoos

To say that Asia Argento tattoos are intoxicating would be an understatement. Aside from the fact that she’s stunning, her ink just takes her to a whole new level. Born September 20th, 1975, Aria Asia Anna Maria Vittoria Rossa Argento is a model, actress, singer, director and in case you can’t guess by the name, she’s also Italian.

With how lonely she was as a child, no one could have predicted that the collection of Asia Argento tattoos would cause her to have such a huge and loyal fan base. At birth, her father was a director and her mother an actress, both who kept incredibly busy.

Argento says she was quite depressed as a child, she would read and write to make up for her lack of friends. By the age of eight, she published her own book of poems and at 14 she ran away.

Today she’s mainly known for her roles in XXX, Land of the Dead and Marie Antoinette. Not to mention, she’s directed music videos, documentaries and films, written a novel, has won several awards and she’s a DJ.

Asia Argento Tattoos

Angel – One of the most well-known and most artistic pieces in the collection of Asia Argento tattoos is the angel that drapes across her abdomen with exquisite detail. The figure is taken from a piece done by Delvaux, a Belgian painter and Argento added the wings. She says she only chose this location because she was trying to hide it from her father. When she finally showed him three years later, he said she could go work in a circus now as a tattooed wonder.

Eye – This is the piece that started the collection of Asia Argento tattoos. She was 14 and on her first trip to Amsterdam (could be when she ran away). The tattoo is on her shoulder and she was so high she couldn’t decide what kind of eye she wanted or where to put it but the tattooist was very patient with her.

Snakes and Sun – Directly over her butt is where you will find the next one on the list of Asia Argento tattoos. The two snakes were completed when she was 16, shooting Trauma in Minneapolis. The sun was added later when she was 17. There is not a symbolic meaning to the piece, she simply saw the snakes in Rome on a statue of Medusa and was intrigued.

Anna – The name Anna is written on her ribs. This tattoo is a tribute to her deceased sister.

23 – Next on the list of Anna Argento tattoos is the number 23 on the back of her neck. Simply put, this is her lucky number, she was unaware of the mystical properties that the number offers.

Others – Asia also has an M, the Ministry logo, a band she has always loved as well as a small cross on her left wrist.

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Bif Naked Tattoos

The collection of Bif Naked tattoos is far more substantial than the average female celebrity wears. Born Beth Torbert in New Delhi on June 15th 1971, she is an award-winning singer, writer, actress, poet and motivational speaker. Her parents were only teenagers at  the time of her birth so she ended up being adopted and raised by American missionaries.

With her conservative upbringing in Kentucky and Winnipeg, it’s surprising to many people that such a vast assortment of Bif Naked tattoos even exists. She is a bisexual, a cancer survivor and a strict raw food vegan (not for animal reasons, strictly for her health).


Since the collection of Bif Naked tattoos began when she was a teenager, some have been on display since the beginning of her career, others have been added over time. Many people aren’t aware that she was part of both Chrome Dog and Gorilla Gorilla prior to beginning her successful career.

Naked has toured on her own and also has shared the stage with big names like the Cult, Foo Fighters, Sheryl Crow, Dido, Billy Idol and Snoop Dogg. She’s released a few solo albums including Bif Naked, Purge, I Bificus, Superbeautifulmonster, The Promise and she’s working on an acoustic album.

If the collection of Bif Naked tattoos and her singing career aren’t  enough to impress you, perhaps her acting accomplishments will. From 1990 to present, she’s played in Archangel, The Boys Club, Once a Thief, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Chris Isaak Show, Daria, Lunch with Charles, ZeD, The House of the Dead, Crossing and The L Word.

Bif Naked Tattoos

The collection of Bif Naked tattoos is extensive. In fact, her arms are so covered, it’s difficult to tell where one ends and another begins yet neither arm is considered to be complete a sleeve. Her first piece was an Egyptian eye of Horus that was completed when she was only 16. One of the most popular Bif Naked tattoos is the one that reads HARD CORE across her abdomen, with a floral pattern circling her belly button and a large Kanji symbol beneath it.

It is rumored that the Bif Naked tattoos on her left arm that are done in Kanji are to represent Survivor which she is, after fighting  through breast cancer in 2008.

The collection of Bif Naked tattoos on her right arm includes a monster, a dragon and a lot of Kanji. You will find a lotus on each shoulder as well as a small piece on each wrist. For more see our Tattoo Blog!


Amy Winehouse Tattoos

A Tribute to Amy Winehouse Tattoos

Amy Winehouse tattoos are certainly not the only things that will be missed about this brilliant singer and songwriter. Her soulful voice, adoring lyrics and distinctive style earned her some of the most loyal fans any artist has ever seen.


It is said that Amy Winehouse tattoos tell the story of her life. She received her first guitar at 13 and there was no denying she would be something special. Her issues with substance abuse have never been hidden and she admitted to having problems with depression, eating disorders and self-harm as well. Endless times she flowed in and out of rehab but just couldn’t seem to shake her addiction.

In 2008, it was announced that she had an irregular heartbeat and her lungs were only operating at  70 percent. She was warned that she was nearing early stages of emphysema and if she didn’t make changes, she would end up wearing an oxygen mask or worse. On July 23rd, 2011, Winehouse was found dead by her bouncer. Unfortunately, toxicology reports won’t be available or two to four weeks.

Amy Winehouse Tattoos

Ankh Cross – This Egyptian hieroglyph symbol in the center of her upper back represents eternal life. She opted for wings being added to it when she spent several hours in North London at her favorite parlor getting it done. This was one of the pieces she had added when she was going through a rough period in her life.

Lighting Bolt – Next on the list of Amy Winehouse tattoos is a lighting bolt on her inner right forearm that represents might and power.

Singing Bird – On the inside of her right forearm you’ll find a singing bird that represents a vast range of human emotions. It’s accompanied by musical notes which are said to enhance the mood.

Anchor – Next in the collection of Amy Winehouse tattoos is an anchor on her stomach that says Hello Sailor. Anchors often represent holding steadfast but they have also been associated with the punk rock movement.

Blake’s – Amy wore the name of her husband beside a pocked, above her heart on her left breast. This is the most hated piece in the collection of Amy Winehouse tattoos by her mother Janis. Like many others, Janis blames her daughter’s addiction on Blake.

Feather – On the inside of her left forearm was a feather. This symbolizes the ability to take a flight creatively, emotionally or spirituality.

Pinup Girls – There were three pinup girls on the list of Amy Winehouse tattoos located on her shoulders. The one on the left shoulder was topless and when she was asked to cover it up for her Grammy performance, she drew on a bra with a magic marker instead.

Horseshoe – Above the pinup girl on her left shoulder was a horseshoe, a symbol said to represent good luck and ward off evil spirits.


Viggo Mortensen Tattoos

Viggo Mortensen Tattoos – Which Ones Are Real?

With so many photos of various Viggo Mortensen tattoos circulating the web, it is difficult sometimes to know which ones are real and which ones are fake.  Although he does seem to always be drawn on with ink in every movie, this Danish-American actor does indeed have a few of his own pieces. 

He is an actor, musician, poet, painter and photographer so with all of these talents, you would assume that the collection of Viggo Mortensen tattoos would be bold and artistic but they are actually pretty subtle and quite reflective of his life.

Although Mortensen is most well-known for his role as Aragorn from The Fellowship of the Rings, he also had supporting roles in Young Guns II, Carlito’s Way, Leatherface, 28 Days, The Prophecy and G.I. Jane.

V-E-H Tattoo

First on the list of Viggo Mortensen tattoos are the letter V-E-H done in a bleeding heart on his left bicep.  The V stands for Viggo, E is for Exene, his ex-wife and the H represents Henry, their son.   Exene Cervenka was the lead singer for X, an American punk band that became active in 1977.  Viggo and Exene met in 1986 and they were married a year later on July 8th, 1987.  In January 1988, Exene gave birth to Henry, their son, and the couple split up four years later in 1992.  After a lengthy separation, they were finally officially divorced in 1997.

H Tattoo

The next piece in the collection of Viggo Mortensen tattoos is a capital H on his wrist.  When his son Henry was first learning how to spell and write his name, Mortensen says that he would go around writing a capital H on everything, including his father.  One day, Henry drew this letter H on Mortensen’s wrist so instead of washing it off, he went to the tattoo parlor and had the tattooist trace over it.

Nine Tattoo

Like the rest of the crew who spent an extraordinary amount of time together in New Zealand, filming the trilogy of Lord of the Rings, there is the word nine written in Elvish writing that is included in the collection of Viggo Mortensen tattoos.  On the last day of filing, the nine actors had this tattoo done together, his happens to be on his shoulder.

Other Tattoos

There is a black crescent moon tattooed on Mortensen’s left hip however, the reason for this piece is unknown.  There is also rumored to be some permanent ink on his lower back however, this has yet to be confirmed.  Last on the list of Viggo Mortensen tattoos is a fist and barbed wire on his left shoulder, another piece with a mysterious meaning.


Naya Rivera Tattoos

The Elegant Display of Naya Rivera Tattoos

There has been a sudden elevation in interest regarding Naya Rivera tattoos since she seems to be on everyone’s Best Dressed list at red carpet events.  When Naya arrived at the 2010 Emmy Awards in a stunning Simin dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, Le Vian ring and Avakian earrings, it was as if she was making her debut for the first time. 

While it wasn’t her first red carpet event, this is definitely the one that made the world take notice.  Of course, her true fans loved that a few of the Naya Rivera tattoos were proudly on display.

Born January 12th, 1987, this American singer and actress is primarily known for playing Santana Lopez, a popular cheerleader on Glee.  She was raised in California and by eight months old, she already had a talent agent and was modeling for Kmart. 

Between 1992 and 2002, long before Naya Rivera tattoos were in existence, she had roles in Family Matters, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Baywatch, House Blend, Smart Guy, The Master of Disguise, Even Stevens, The Bernie Mac Show, CSI: Miami and 8 Simple Rules. 

However, it wasn’t until 2009 when she was cast as a vicious and cold-hearted cheerleader in Glee that she became a household name.  In fact, her popularity and flawless looks even earned her position number 61 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list.

Naya Rivera Tattoos

While no one seems to know any of the real reasons behind the individuals pieces in the collection of Naya Rivera tattoos, it is fair to say that they are cute and fit her.  None are extravagant, large, bold or attention worthy but they all do compliment her appearance and personality.

• Peace Sign – First on the list of Naya Rivers tattoos is the tiniest peace sign you will ever see, located on the inside of her left ankle.  Although it is almost non-existent, it is placed in such an area that it is easy to notice because she always wears great shoes that grab your attention.

• Fighter – On the inside of her right wrist is where you’ll find the word Fighter, written extremely small.  Of course, this is in direct contrast to her peace sign so perhaps she is trying to say that she is both a lover and a fighter.

• Shooting Star – The right foot of this actress houses more ink in the collection of Naya Rivera tattoos.  There is a colorful shooting star there that might represent her success and fame or it could symbolize a new chapter in her life.

• Bow – Naya wears a beautiful, feminine bow on the back of her neck.  This is the tattoo that really stood out on the red carpet with her hair done in an up-do.  The ink was the perfect accessory to the gown that had a bow of its own.

• Cross – Last on the list of Naya Rivera tattoos is a gorgeous cross on her lower back.  There is some detailed line work, making it a very elegant piece in a location that could have easily came off as being trashy.


Kesha Tattoos

Do You Like the Professional or Homemade Kesha Tattoos Better?

Aside from the homemade Kesha tattoos that she gave herself with pen ink and a sewing needle, there are actually a few professionally done pieces to speak of as well.  Born Kesha Rose Sebert on March 1st 1987, this American pop singer is now known as just Ke$ha. 

Who were the musical influences for this young star?  She cites artists such as Debbie Harry, Madonna, Beastie boys, Queen, Bob Dylan and even Johnny Cash and if you look hard enough, you can actually see a bit of all of them in her.

Before Kesha tattoos became all the rage, this young performer certainly did not have the easiest life.  Her mother, Pebe, was a single parent who relied on food stamps and welfare payments to support Kesha and her brother Lagan.  Pebe taught Kesha how to write songs and always encouraged her to sing since she was a singer herself.  You may even remember them as being a host family in 2005 for Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton during an episode of the reality show, The Simple Life.

At the age of 18, Kesha tattoos and her career both emerged.  She sang background vocals for artists such as Paris Hilton, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears and she made an appearance in Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl video.  Then, she released her own single, Tik Tok and by October of 2010, the single had already seen 5 million downloads from the United States alone.  Her album debuted in the number one position in Greece and Canada.

Dollar Sign

First in the collection of Kesha tattoos is the dollar sign that she wears to represent the one she uses in her name to replace the letter S.  Kesha says she chose the dollar sign because money really means nothing to her.  She was happy growing up when she was completely broke and had nothing and she is happy now that she has everything.  She says that she cares more about taking care of and supporting those who took care of her and she is actually repulsed by so much gluttony by people in the limelight.


The first piece that started the collection of Kesha tattoos is an anchor that she got when she was 18.  She sneaked into Cuba and was hanging out with a guy and told him she’d give him five dollars for a tattoo and he agreed.  Kesha chose the anchor because she’s a diver and it only seemed appropriate or maybe it was just the first thing she thought of in the spur of the moment?


On her foot is where you will find the next piece in the collection of Kesha tattoos.  It’s a cross that she says could easily be a t or even an x.  Kesha says that she was hanging out with a friend, celebrating the release of her album and she thought she needed a tattoo to symbolize her success of such a special event.  She had her friend give her this tattoo on her foot that is already fading.


Anthony Kiedis Tattoos

Anthony Kiedis tattoos may very well be more popular than his music.  Born in 1962, this American vocalist and occasional actor is most well known for being the lead vocalist of the Red Hot Chile Peppers.  Anthony Kiedis was born in Michigan, the divorce of his parents is what brought him to Los angles when he moved with his father who introduced him to a life of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

It is more than obvious that Anthony Kiedis tattoos tend to lean toward the tribal style.  His heritage includes Native-American which has certainly influenced many of the decisions he has made with his work.  Anthony Kiedis tattoos are black, bold and distinctive and although the collection has developed slowly over the years, they blend together nicely as if planned as one perfect masterpiece.


The most popular piece in the collection of Anthony Kiedis tattoos is the large Haida Thunderbird draped across his upper back.  The tattoo was completed back when the Red Hot Chile Peppers were doing their first European tour in  ’87 and ’88.  The artist who completed the piece was Henk Schiffmaker, otherwise known as Henky Penky out of Amsterdam.

The Thunderbird is a mythical creature often depicted as two-hearted and always respected for its power and intelligence.  While its exact symbolism is argued, the Haida clan associated with this creature has a long history.  Indigenous to North America’s West Coast, these Native-Americans are known as being naked fierce warriors also skilled in design, metal and wood.  They often tattooed themselves with these birds as reminders of mythical encounters.  This tattoo essentially became a tribal crest.


Although there is not a full sleeve included in the collection of Anthony Kiedis tattoos, there are enough pieces on his arms that don’t allow for much bare skin to be seen.  The work on his arms is very symmetrical, as if it has all been part of a master plan from the very beginning.  There are portraits of Chief Joseph and Sitting Bull, two Indian chiefs, on his upper biceps.  Also, on each bicep is a tribal type of armband going all the way around them.  These Anthony Kiedis tattoos were done in the early 90s, making him quite a trendsetter because this is long before tribal work became a huge craze.

Newer pieces on the list of Anthony Kiedis tattoos are tribal-style daggers, one on each forearm.  These are truly fabulous, incorporating tribal patterns and Celtic line work to cover real estate from his elbows to his wrists.  Although these Anthony Kiedis tattoos are similar, they absolutely are not identical.  Lastly, there is also a tiger climbing the inside of his right forearm.

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Malin Akerman Tattoos

The Simplistic Beauty of Malin Akerman Tattoos

Malin Akerman tattoos may be simple but perhaps that is just to not disturb her intoxicating beauty.  This Swedish-Canadian model and actress is the daughter of Pia, a former model who certainly passed down her good genes.  At 17 years old, Akerman won the title of Ford Supermodel of Canada and almost instantly began acting in smaller roles in The Utopian Society, The Comeback and Entourage.

In 2006 when she became really popular, there were still no Malin Akerman tattoos to speak of quite yet.  During this year, she played in The Brothers Solomon, The Heartbreak Kid, Watchmen and 27 Dresses.  By 2009, the full collection of Malin Akerman tattoos was complete but you would never have known it by the way they were covered up in The Proposal and Couples Retreat.  Since then, she has also had roles in Electra Luxx, The Romantics and The Bang Bang Club but good luck seeing any ink in any of them either.

Neck Tattoo

First on the very short list of Malin Akerman tattoos is a very original, well thought out and elegantly created piece on the back of her neck.  Here you will find a lotus flower along with a script written in Tibetan Sanskrit, translated to mean to play.

Akerman was raised Buddhist by her mother who practiced Buddhism.  The lotus is a strong symbol in this religion because it is a unique flavor that has the ability to grow without roots.  She picked this flower to essentially represent herself, making her own new life without any roots.

The script that means to play is to be taken as playing in the game of life.  At the time she got the piece, she actually compared her life to one big game.

Wrist Tattoo

The other piece in the collection of Malin Akerman tattoos is the letter Z that she wears on her inner wrist that is the initial for Zincone, her husband’s last name.  Italian drummer for the Petalstones, Roberto Zincone didn’t have the best English when he met Akerman in 2003 who didn’t speak any Italian but that didn’t stop sparks from flying between the two.  He said he didn’t need to understand her to know she was a beautiful person, inside and out.

Two years later, they were at dinner in Los Angeles when Zincone gave her a white gold, diamond studded band, later he followed that with a solitaire.  The two were married June 20th, 2007 and the list of Malin Akerman tattoos was complete.


Dania Ramirez Tattoos

Are You Impressed by Dania Ramirez Tattoos?

The list of Dania Ramirez tattoos is very short, quite fresh and a little confusing.  Born November 8th, 1979, Ramirez is a Dominican film and television actress most well known for her role as Alex in Entourage but the list of her work is much more extensive and pretty impressive.  She was born in the Dominican Republic and knew from a very young age that she wanted to be on the big screen.

As a child, she would often reenact soap operas as she always loved to be the center of attention.  When she was 15,working at a convenience store in Los Angeles, she was discovered and cast in a soda commercial.  Soon after that, she made the decision that she really wanted to get serious about her acting career so she studied under Flo Greenburg in New York City at The Actor’s Workshop.  In 1999, she graduated with her degree from Montclair State University and she immediately moved to Los Angeles so she would pursue her career in acting.  There was no Dania Ramirez tattoos to speak of as of yet.

Although she is well-known for her role in the seventh season of Entourage, one cannot overlook her other fantastic television appearances.  Ramirez played in The Sopranos and made a guest appearance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  She also has a solid list of roles in films, none of which show any of the Dania Ramirez tattoos.  In 2009, she was cast in Spike Lee’s film entitled She Hate Me and then she had a role in Fat Albert the same year.  After that, she was cast in X-Men-The Last Stand, The 5th Commandment, Illegal Tender, Solving Charlie, Brooklyn to Manhattan and Quarantine.

Arm Tattoo

The first piece on the tiny list of Dania Ramirez tattoos are the words LiveLoveLife printed vertically down the back of her right forearm.  While the tattoo may be cute to some people who like the fact that it looks as though a five-year old wrote on her, most of her fans are more than disappointed.  Ramirez is not a cute person, she is exotic and beautiful and would have been better off with a more powerful piece.  Fine, keep the words but maybe the tattoo could be better placed or executed.  Needless to say, this is not ink that earned her any new fans.

Foot Tattoo

The second of the Dania Ramirez tattoos are the numbers 13-5-22 on the side of her left foot.  Just what does this series of  numbers mean?  As of yet, no one knows but her fans can only hope the meaning is deeper and more mysterious than her arm piece.

Stomach Tattoo

A Simple Heart and Dice tattoo

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Josh Beech Tattoos

Is There Any Meaning Behind Josh Beech Tattoos

The collection of Josh Beech tattoos is pretty much what this London native is known for.  Beech is famous for the exhausting number of runway shows and ad campaigns he has been a part of and is said to be the perfect model because he’s skinny, edgy and tattooed all over.  However, being picture perfect isn’t his only talent!

Beech is also a singer and songwriter .  The band Snish, was his first real music endeavor, landing him the next big thing review from Fly Magazine back in 2008.  Levi’s included this band in their concert series and Beech became the face of the label.  Due to this campaign, he found himself constantly in front of the cameras and Josh Beech tattoos would soon become a household name.

Because of his musical background, Beech became the face of LOUD, a Tommy Hilfiger fragrance.  Since then, he has been focusing more on his musical career and Italian GQ has even dubbed him London’s new icon of the punk generation

Josh Beech Tattoos

• Wrist – First on the list of Josh Beech tattoos is the word Snish on his wrist.  Although he had great success in 2010 with his solo music career thanks to his release of Burnt Out, he has to credit his popularity to his first band.  While he only spent a brief amount of time with them, it was enough to get him noticed.

• Full Sleeve – The piece on the list of Josh Beech tattoos that is most well-known is the full sleeve on his left arm that has been slow to complete.  Up around his bicep is a skull that offers the appearance of a sugar skull but it is doubtful that an English person would be wearing a symbol for Day of the Dead, a Mexican celebration.  On the lower part of his arm is an orange octopus with a blue backdrop to offer the illusion of water and nearby are three stars.  The stars could tie in with the octopus and be a nautical symbol however, considering his music, they most likely represent the punk rock movement that began using a star as a symbol back in the 70s.  Also in this collection of Josh Beech tattoos are large red flowers on his bicep as well as other flowers and vine work as a fill in.

• Others – On the left side of his chest is a VJ which is the Capricorn symbol, his zodiac sign and then on his neck are a pair of eyes.  New on the list of Josh Beech tattoos is a large all black piece on his right side.  It appears to be flowers and possibly a sparrow descending out of the tattoo but until a better picture is released, fans can only speculate what the piece really is.

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Katie Cassidy Tattoos

The Exquisite Collection of Katie Cassidy Tattoos

Really, what is  not to love about Katie Cassidy tattoos.  They are all simple yet elegant and rich with meaning which is so refreshing compared to some of the pieces worn by many celebrities. 

Born November 25, 1986, this American actress seems to have landed roles in the hottest television shows and movies since she came onto the scene in 2003.  Not to mention, she has also been deemed the Scream Queen for her unparalleled vocals in horror films.

Although Katie Cassidy tattoos are fairly fresh, they are all reflective of her life.  She was born in sunny Los Angeles, California, the daughter of model Sherry Williams and actor David Cassidy so from the beginning, she was labeled as being pretty special.  Cassidy modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch back in 2004 but her mother would not let her pursue her acting career until she finished high school.

Cassidy is probably most well-known for her role as Ella Simms on Melrose Place but she has also played in Gossip Girl, 7th Heaven, Supernatural and Harper’s Island. 

If her line up of trendy television shows isn’t impressive enough, you can also see her in When a Stranger Calls, The Lost, Click, Black Christmas, Walk the Talk, Taken, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Fence Walker.  Her newest project is Monte Carlo but you probably won’t catch a glimpse of Katie Cassidy tattoos there either, movies seem to want to cover her ink up for some reason.

Hip Tattoo

First on the list of Katie Cassidy tattoos is the date 1922 that she wears on her hip.  This is the birth year of her grandmother, Evelyn Ward, who was also an actress.  This was Cassidy’s first tattoo and she  decided to pay tribute to her grandmother, that’s pretty special!

Back Tattoo

On the middle of her upper back is where you’ll find the next piece in the exquisite collection of Katie Cassidy tattoos.  Here she wears a small pair of angel wings with the words Alis volat Propiis.  Translated from Latin this means she flies with her own wings.  Judge Jessie Quinn Thorton originally wrote this script and Cassidy chose it because she says it represents her life and career and the fact that her success is created on her own talent.

Foot Tattoo

The next piece on the list of Katie Cassidy tattoos is three stars on the top of her right foot.  This represents herself along with Jamie and Jenna, her two sisters, who have the same tattoo in different locations on their bodies.  Her mother actually has a similar piece too only it is made up of one center star, representing herself with three shooting stars to symbolize her three daughters.  This just tells how close they all are and how important family is to Cassidy.


Wrapped around her left ankle like a piece of jewelry is the last of the Katie Cassidy tattoos.  Written in a beautiful, clear and feminine script are the words Love Thyself Know Thyself Be Thyself.  These are truly great words to live by!

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Brody Jenner Tattoos

Are Brody Jenner Tattoos Romantic?

Depending on who you are or who you ask, Brody Jenner tattoos are either incredibly lame and annoying or wonderful and romantic.  One thing is for sure, this heartthrob’s ink is inspired by himself and the women that seem to float through his life like a revolving door.  It is suggested that you can almost read this socialites love life by examining the collection of Brody Jenner tattoos.

Born August 21st, 1983, Jenner is a television personality and model.  His life was pretty much mapped out that it would be fabulous based on the fact that his mother is Linda Thompson and his father is Bruce Jenner, gold metal Olympic decathlete.  It’s hard to be born from those genes and not be something special.  If you are still clueless to who his father is, he remarried Kris Jenner, mother to Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian but you won’t see him on any of their shows because he’s far  too busy with his own life.

Brody, his brother Brandon and his friend Spencer Pratt started The Princes of Malibu in 2005.  Then, he was featured a lot in The Hills which is pretty much when the Brody Jenner tattoos started to come into existence.  Although he is most well-known for dating Lauren Conrad, he has also had relationships with Jayde Nicole, Cora Skinner, Nicole Richie, Kristin Cavallari and now, Avril Lavigne.


Down the entire left side of his body is where you will find the first piece in the collection of Brody Jenner tattoos.  Written in bold Gothic script is his last name, JENNER and now it seems as though it is virtually impossible to get a picture of him without his top off.  Of course, his fans don’t seem to be complaining.


The latest of the Brody Jenner tattoos is the name of his current girlfriend, Avril on his inner right forearm.  To return this gesture, Levine got Brody tattooed right under her right breast.

Lightning Bolt

One of the Brody Jenner tattoos that many people aren’t aware of is the lightning bolt he has under his ear.  This is another matching piece he had done with Avril, her’s is worn on her wrist.


Next on the list of Brody Jenner tattoos is the letter B on his right wrist.  There is also rumor to be small initials on his left hand and the inside of his right wrist belonging to one of his many exes.  Of course, no one could forget when the collection of Brody Jenner tattoos grew to include JN, the initials of Jade Nicole, 2008 Playmate of the Year on the inside of his lower lip.

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Adam Levine Tattoos

What’s Not to Love About Adam Levine Tattoos?

If the collection of Adam Levine tattoos doesn’t make you become a fan, his unbelievable good looks and hypnotizing voice certainly will. 

This American guitarist, singer and songwriter is the front man for Maroon 5, a pop rock band that has been loved for their unique sound for more than a decade.

Many Adam Levine tattoos are directly inspired by his music career that started long before Maroon 5 was ever created.

Levine’s first band, Kara’s Flowers actually produced four albums but after the last one in 1997 was such a disappointment, the band split up.

Hear the Best of Adam Levine

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Adam Levine Tattoos

• 222 – The 222 on his forearm represents the number on the door of the very first studio that Maroon 5 ever recorded in.

• Paw Print – One of the favorite Adam Levine tattoos by animal lovers is the paw print on the back of his right shoulder that says Frankie Girl underneath it.  Frankie just happens to be his beautiful Golden Retriever.

• Script – There is a tattoo written in either Hindi or Sanskrit on the left side of his chest that has been hard to get a photo of but it is believed to say Maroon 5 tapas which means meditation.

• Los Angeles – Next on the list of Adam Levine tattoos are the words Los Angeles written in cursive on his upper right bicep, close to his shoulder.  Levine was born in this city and is simply showing tribute to his hometown.

• X – On the side of Levine’s left bicep is a large X, the Roman numeral representing the number 10.  He got this tattoo as recognition of the 10 year anniversary that Maroon 5 had been together.

• Guitar – Many fans will say that their favorite piece on the list of Adam Levine tattoos is the guitar on the underpart of his left forearm.  It is detailed and perfectly placed so when he holds the microphone, everyone can see it.

• Dove and Cherry Blossoms – On Levine’s left shoulder is a really gorgeous piece full of doves and cherry blossoms that he had done after the tragic events of 9/11 as a remembrance of all the lives that were lost.

• Shark – Next on the list of Adam Levine tattoos is a shark on his ribcage that has something to do with a nickname but interestingly, sharks are one of his biggest fears.

• Others – There is another new piece in the collection of Adam Levine tattoos on the right side of his chest that is not yet revealed.  There are photos that offer a little hint but as of yet, there is no confirmation as to what is actually there.  There is also rumor of a new back piece that hasn’t been revealed yet either.


Mila Kunis Tattoos

The Mysterious Mila Kunis Tattoos

It should really come as no surprise that the internet is saturated with inquiries wondering if there are real Mila Kunis tattoos to speak of.  This American actress has found herself on an exhausting number of hottest and sexiest lists worldwide so it is fair to say that this gorgeous brunette has made a name for herself. 

Although Mila is most well known for the beloved Jackie Burkhart on everyone’s favorite sitcom, That 70′s Show, today the population is all a buzz about her character named Lily in the smash hit, Black Swan.

So, why all the hype about Mila Kunis tattoos?  Photos leaked on the internet of her wearing shorts and a tank top, standing on a dock somewhere and you can vaguely see a bit of ink on the lower left side of her back.  Too bad the paparazzi responsible for the photo must not have mastered the zoom-in feature because it is impossible to see what it is. 

There is some speculation though that this piece on the questionable list of Mila Kunis tattoos is fake because she was shooting Black Swan at the time the photo was taken and released.

There is also a rumor that there are playing cards to speak of in the collection of Mila Kunis tattoos.  Fans say that she wears small playing cards on her wrist only these have yet to surface in any of her photos or movies.  Is is possible that this piece is always covered with makeup, a bracelet, watch or even a hair scrunchie?  How is it possible that so many people swear that there are Mila Kunis tattoos to speak of but there is no proof?

Career and Fake Tattoos

Although Mila landed small jobs even before she was a teenager, it wasn’t until 1998 that the world really took notice of her.  That is when she auditioned for That 70′s Show at the age of 14 but told the casting directors that she would be 18 (the minimum age requirement) on her birthday, only she didn’t say in another 4 years.  Needless to say, they let her keep the part.

The interest in Mila Kunis tattoos really peaked when she started her film career, playing in Get Over It, American Psycho 2, Moving McAllister, After Sex and Boot Camp.  Then in 2008, she was landing roles in some of the hottest movies out including Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, Max Payne, The Book of Eli and then finally, Black Swan.

Black Swan is probably responsible for the obsession over Mila Kunis tattoos recently.  She plays alongside Natalie Portman in this dramatic thriller about the ballet, Swan Lake.  Mila plays Lily the dark ego of Nina, the character played by Natalie.  People are in a frenzy right now over her tattoos because the actress wears a large black swan tattooed down her very thin back.

While it is confirmed that this is a fake piece, fans will have to dig a little deeper and paparazzi will have to work a little harder to see if there are any real Mila Kunis tattoos to speak of.

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Audrina Patridge Tattoos Real or Fake?

Although the internet is flooded with photos of two different Audrina Patridge tattoos, there is question if they are real or fake.  Are they a cry for attention or a practical joke? 

Born May 9th, 1985, this American actress is most commonly known for her role in The Hills, an MTV reality show as well as being a contestant on the latest season  of Dancing With the Stars.  In addition to this, you have probably seen her in Sorority Row or Into the Blue 2.  However, no Audrina Patridge tattoos were ever present in any of her work.

2005 was the magical year when Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad moved into her building in Laguna Beach and started shooting The Hills.  She became friends with them and became a member of the show but no Audrina Patridge tattoos were yet to be seen. 

Interestingly, even though she was never meant to be an original cast member, she actually appeared in more episodes than anyone else.  In March of 2008, nude pictures of Audrina were released online that she said she unfortunately took right out of high school, starting her modeling career.  In October of 2010, she announced that she will be starting a series called Audrina in April 2011 on VHI, then fans will certainly see if the Audrina Patridge tattoos are real or not.

Neck Tattoos

First on the questionable list of Audrina Patridge tattoos is a serpent that is wrapped around what begins as a heart with four chambers, transitioning into a piece of fruit.  Throughout time, serpents have always been associated with both good and evil.  There are serpents of wisdom as well as gods and demons.  The fact that this one encompasses an object that is both a heart and fruit implies temptation.  However, since there is a green plant present as well, that suggests personal growth so the piece appears a little less sinister or dark.  If this piece on the list of Audrina Patridge tattoos is real than she has gained a lot of new fans and respect for her originality but it is suggested that she had this done for a photo shoot.

Arm Tattoos

The latest in the collection of Audrina Patridge tattoos are a number of Chinese characters running down the inside of her left forearm.  When she entered Blackwave Tattoo Parlor located in Los Angeles, bystanders anxiously stood by and waited to see her emerge with a bandage on her arm.  Interestingly, this piece on the list of Audrina Patridge tattoos actually reads pork oil fried rice so one can only assume this is a joke.  Fans will just have to wait for Audrina’s new show to see if either of her tattoos are real.

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Amber Heard Tattoos

Trying to Find a Picture of Amber Heard Tattoos?

It seems as though everyone is just dying to know whether any real Amber Heard tattoos actually exist.  This gorgeous blond literally exploded on the scene out of nowhere in 2007 and she is expected to be one of the most promising actresses of 2011. 

Back starting in 2004, she started to receive a few small roles or appearances in The O.C., Jack and Bobby, Side FX, Drop Dead Sexy, You are Here, Price to Pay and Alpha Dog. 

However, it wasn’t until she was cast in Hidden Palms that the world really took notice and started wondering if there were any Amber Heard tattoos in existence.

Interestingly, when Heard was cast in her role for Hidden Palms, she was given the stipulation that she had to lose weight so for four months she banned carbohydrates, did daily workouts and lost 25 pounds.  She had a few brief jobs but then thanks to the Blockbuster hit Pineapple Express, Heard really made a name for herself.

2008 and 2009 were fantastic years for this newcomer and the buzz over whether there were any real Amber Heard tattoos to speak of certainly increased.  In these two years, she had promising roles in Never Back Down, Remember the Daze, Mandy Lane, The Joneses, The River Why, The Informers, The Stepfather and Zombieland. 

Even though 2011 is still fresh, fans are hoping to see if there are any Amber Heard tattoos in her upcoming movie including And Soon the Darkness, Drive Angry, The Ward and The Rum Diary with Johnny Depp which is expected to push her career into overdrive.

Rumored Tattoo

There is a rumor that there may be one simple piece of ink on the questionable list of Amber Heard tattoos.  It is speculated that she wears the script from Sonet XVII written by Chilean author Pablo Neruda.  Her alleged tattoo reads te amo como aman ciertas cosas oscur, secretamente, entre la sombra el alma.  Translated, this means I love you just as certain dark things should be loved, in secret, in between the shadow and also the soul.  Neruda was a Chilean politician and poet who was once referred to as the greatest poet in any language of the 20th century.  Interestingly, he always wrote his pieces in green ink which is said to be the color of hope.

So, if this is really a tattoo she wears, you have to wonder if she had it done in green.  For now, fans will have to wait patiently to see if there are any real Amber Heard tattoos to speak of.


Hayden Panettiere Tattoos

Do You Think Hayden Panettiere Tattoos are a Disaster?

Fans are all crazed over Hayden Panettiere tattoos and the unfortunate error that is displayed.  Hayden is the ideal image of the girl next door with her adorable and refreshing good looks.  Born August 21st, 1989, she is an American actress who has also received a Grammy nomination for her singing abilities as well.

Hayden started her career at an extremely early age on One Life to Live and then Guiding Light.  Of course, since she was born the daughter of a former actress in soap operas, it seemed as though the cards were already in her favor to be a huge success from the very beginning.

This actress began her modeling career at only four months old and just looking at her, you would have never guessed that there would eventually be any Hayden Panettiere tattoos in her future.  Her career really began to blossom when she landed her role as Claire Bennet on Heroes where she played a cheerleader who had regenerative healing powers.  Of course, this was good preparation for her role as leading cheerleader in Bring it On 2: All or Nothing.  As of yet, there were still no Hayden Panettiere tattoos to speak of.

By 2009, Hayden’s popularity was undeniable after starring in movies such as I Love You, Beth Cooper and in 2010, she was cast for Scream 4.  When she’s not busy working on her acting or singing career, she works with Sea Shepherd and PETA to disrupt dolphin hunting.  She is also passionate about stopping whale hunting as well.

Tattoo Disaster

If being constantly portrayed as an airhead in her film roles and interviews isn’t bad enough, the one and only piece in the collection of Hayden Panettiere is spelled improperly.  Running down her left side in cursive are the words Vivere senza rimipianti.  Translated out of Italian, this means To live without regrets.  So, what’s the problem with this tattoo?  The word rimipianti should be spelled rimpianti, a dreadful mistake for this native Italian beauty.

When asked about the unfortunate error in the collection of Hayden Panettiere tattoos, she basically laughs it off and claims she did not realize that it was misspelled because it is on her back where she can’t see it.  Fair enough.  Hayden says for now, all she can do is laugh about it and that she is contemplating covering it since it is incredibly hard to fix script tattoos.

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50 Cent Tattoos

The Disappearing Collection of 50 Cent Tattoos

There is a diminishing list of 50 Cent tattoos.  That’s right, this rapper who has proudly displayed his ink until now is getting a majority of them removed for his film career.  Born Curtis James Jackson III, he exploded on the music scene in 2003 with his Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album that sold more than 15 million copies.

50 Cent tattoos hold a lot of depth and personal meaning as he didn’t grow up with the easiest life.  Jackson starting selling drugs at the ripe age of 12 but eventually left that life behind to start his rapping career.  In 2000, he was shot by nine bullets but by 2002, he released his next album entitled Guess Who’s Back?

The list of 50 Cent tattoos shows the upbringing of this actor.  His mother, Sabrina, was a cocaine dealer who was murdered when he was just 12 years old.  Her drink was drugged and then her murderer turned the gas on in her apartment and shut the windows.  He went to live with his grandparents and it seemed as though his life was already mapped out for him.

Back Tattoo

The back pieces in the collection of 50 Cent tattoos are fortunately not on the list to be removed.  Although this rapper/actor is erasing his past on his arms so it takes less time on the set getting them covered, he plans on leaving all of the ink on his back untouched.

This massive arrangement of 50 Cent tattoos primarily revolves around a large number 50 on the center of his back.  In the bottom part of the number 5 are the words Cold World and in the upper section of the same number is the word Gangsta.  Under the number 50, you will find the word G-unit and above the piece are the words South Side.

Other Tattoos Staying

For now, the pieces in the collection of 50 Cent tattoos also staying are:

• Love & Hate – These words are written under his belly button.

• Devil – There is the head of the Devil to the left side of his belly button.

• Jesus – On his right side is the head of Jesus.

• Beau – The name Beau is the next piece on the list of 50 Cent tattoos located on the left side of his neck.

• Angel – There is an angel on his right shoulder that is remaining intact for now.

Removal Pieces

The next list of 50 Cent tattoos are either pieces that have already been removed or that may be on the list to be removed.

• Right External Bicep – Here 50 had an ax along with Marquise, his son’s name and the word Warrior.

• Right Forearm – Sabrina, his mother’s name used to be found here along with the words Ghetto Angel and a tattoo of an angel.

• Left External Bicep – Next on the list of 50 Cent tattoos that may be removed is a drawing with the number 50 in the center.

• Left Forearm – There used to be a cross with the letter D along with the words God Understands Me.

• Right Hand – Last in the collection of 50 Cent tattoos that may or may not be removed is the word G-unit on his right hand.

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Kim Kardashian Tattoos

Are There Any Real Kim Kardashian Tattoos?

It is quite surprising how many people search the internet for Kim Kardashian tattoos considering the collection very well may be completely non-existent.  In 2010, this reality star earned $6 million, that’s more than any other person in her position.  So, just what makes this socialite, model and TV personality so popular?

Kim is the daughter to the late Robert Kardashian, the famous attorney for the OJ Simpson trial.  However, she is mostly know from the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians as well as her many barely-clothed or nude photo shoots and a sex tape that mysteriously leaked of her.  Of course, this isn’t all Kim is famous for!

Beyond the Break was her first acting role, followed by Disaster Movie in 2008.  Of course, no Kim Kardashian tattoos had yet surfaced.  Her family’s reality show has had so much success, it plummeted her into stardom, earning her an invite on Dancing With the Stars’ seventh season. 

Now, as a spin off from the Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim and her sister Kourtney have started a new reality show of their adventure together moving to New York to open another one of their D-A-S-H stores.  So far, she has been in long sleeves so fans are still hopeful that the rumored Kim Kardashian tattoos really exist.

Kim has been a guest judge on America’s Next Top Model and The Apprentice and she made an appearance on CSI-NY.  In 2007, Kim posed for Playboy’s December 2007 issue but sadly no Kim Kardashian tattoos were seen.  She has also been featured many times in FHM and she has been the face of Bongo Jeans since 2008.  Additionally, she models for the clothing line Famous Stars and Stripes, Quick Trim supplements, Carl’s Jr fast food, Balenciaga shoes and Sugar Factory Lollipops.  If that’s not enough, she has her own perfume and Los Angeles bakery, Famous Cupcakes, created a cupcake for her naming it Va-Va-Va Nilla.

So, why do fans have faith there really is a collection of Kim Kardashian tattoos?  There are photos of her with a beautiful, colorful vine of flowers on the back of her left arm done in perfect neutral shades.  Kim had announced that she got inked and that her brother Robert helped her pick it out.  Of course, this was all done on April Fool’s Day and no pictures since that day have been released.  Fans will just have to watch her new reality show to see if Kim Kardashian tattoos really do exist!


John Mayer Tattoos

The Impressive Collection of John Mayer Tattoos

At first glance of this clean-cut, charming singer, you would not imagine that there would be any John Mayer tattoos to speak but believe it or not, there is quite a collection.  Although Mayer studied music in school in Boston, Massachusetts and even released a few commercial singles, it wasn’t until his Your Body is a Wonderland release in 2003 that the world fell in love with his soft voice and romantic lyrics.  Since then, John Mayer tattoos have slowly grown into a really spectacular and artistic collection.

Home Life

You will find the word Home on the back of his left arm and the word Life on the back of his right arm.  Home Life is a song from the Heavier Things album that holds a lot of personal meaning to him.  Heavier Things was one of his first two albums with which he achieved a multi-platinum status.


Next on the list of John Mayer tattoos is the number 77 on his chest on the left side of his body.  Mayer was born in Connecticut on October 16, 1977 so this piece is simply to pay tribute to his birth year.


On Mayer’s right shoulder you will find a colorful Koi fish.  The koi is much more than just a collectable fish, there are many legends and myths surrounding these beautiful fish.  They are considered a representation of aspiration, advancement, strength and perseverance.  The koi also symbolizes courage as well as the ability to overcome life’s obstacles and achieve goals.

Full Sleeve

The next piece in the collection of John Mayer tattoos is the one he is certainly most well known for.  He slowly worked on this striking and detailed full sleeve that was finally complete in April of 2008.  This tattoo began as a simple, decorated rectangle on his bicep along with the letters SRV to represent Stevie Ray Vaughan, his idol.  When Mayer was in his early teenage years, someone gave him a cassette of SRV and he fell in love with the blues.  He was so inspired that he started to take guitar lessons from the owner of a local music shop and he became obsessed with the instrument.  He worked at a gas station for 15 months to save up to purchase a 1996 SRV signature Stratocaster.

That original piece on the list of John Mayer tattoos has now turned into a fascinating sleeve with various floral designs and a large dragon-like figure across his inner arm.


Olivia Wilde Tattoos

It is quite interesting that there is so much hype and interest over Olivia Wilde tattoos considering that they are pretty much close to nonexistent.  Olivia is a newcomer who exploded on the scene in the early 2000s playing a few television and film parts. 

She is most well known for playing in The O.C., and for her more recent role as Dr. Remy Hadley on House.

In addition to these television roles, she’s also played in Alpha Dog, The Girl Next Door, Turistas and she was a key model in 2004 for Abercrombie & Fitch.  Still, no Olivia Wilde tattoos were reported.  In 2009, she was even voted as number one on Maxim Magazine’s top 100 Hottest Women list. 

In 2003, she was married on a school bus to Tao Ruspoli who is an Italian-American documentary filmmaker and son to a prince.  The couple only had two people to witness their wedding and they chose this bizarre location because they couldn’t get any privacy elsewhere.

Back Tattoo

The only real piece on the short list of Olivia Wilde tattoos is one she wears on her lower back that no one has really seen.  Olivia was a Wilde child who shaved off her hair in the seventh grade and had piercings by the time she turned 11.  At the age of 13, she started (and ended) her list of Olivia Wilde tattoos with a small piece on her lower back that is rumored to be the name of her boyfriend at the time.  Young love is truly something special!  It is interesting that of all the photos she’s taken, there are no clear pictures of it.  However, she says it’s there so it certainly must be.


There have been so many torn emotions and comments over the recent release of photos of the butterfly that was supposedly added to the list of Olivia Wilde tattoos.  She wears a very colorful and quite large butterfly tattoo on her right bicep.  Many fans felt it was tacky but sources suggest this oversized whimsical creature is a fake that she was wearing for a show.

Olivia’s Passions

Despite the fact that the list of Olivia Wilde tattoos is a bit disappointing, there are a lot of reasons to love her!  She was recently voted the Sexiest Vegetarian for 2010 by PETA however, it should be noted that she is a vegan.  She also supports the Environmental Media Association to help GREEN the television and film industry.

Olivia is a part of the Power Up Gambia campaign to provide medical clinics in West Africa with desperately needed solar panels and she is Co-executive Director for Artists for Peace and Justice to focus on education in Haiti.  There may not be many Olivia Wilde tattoos to enjoy but there sure are a lot of reasons to become a fan.

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Brad Pitt Tattoos

Confused About Which Brad Pitt Tattoos are Real and Which Ones are Fake?

Although it seems as though every movie brings new fake Brad Pitt tattoos, he actually has an intriguing little collection of real ones as well.  This American actor and producer has been deemed one of the sexiest men alive since he hit the scene in 1992 with A River Runs Through It and then in 1994 with the legendary Interview With a Vampire.

A large assortment of real and fake Brad Pitt tattoos have emerged on his body in smash hits like Legends of the Fall, Seven, Twelve Monkeys, Fight Club, Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen, Troy and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  It seems as though this star can’t make a bad movie!  So, which Brad Pitt tattoos are real and which are fake?

Stomach Tattoo

Rather than pay tribute to his wife Angelina Jolie by getting her name tattooed on his body, he opted for her birthday instead.  Written in Khmer is the date 06/4/75.  Khmer is Cambodia’s official language and also the location where one of their adopted children came from.  Pitt and Jolie fell in love on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  In 2010, they were married in India at the Umaid Bhavan Palace.  There is question whether the marriage is legally binding but for the two of them, it doesn’t really matter.

Lower Right Back

One of the newest Brad Pitt tattoos is one that certainly has everyone talking.  Sketched in a linear pattern on the right lower portion of his back is a pattern of quite choppy lines that really don’t relate to each other.

At first, people assumed these lines represented the downed levees relating to Hurricane Katrina since he was so active in helping the victims.  Others speculated the lines mapped out the French Quarter found in New Orleans.  However, this new addition to the collection of brad Pitt tattoos is nothing more than a doodle by Angelina.  Apparently she was drawing on him one night, he liked the way it looked so he made the design permanent.  Kind of random but fans certain loved the mystery.

Left Lower Back

On the left part of his lower back is the next piece on the list of Brad Pitt tattoos.  Here you will find a Sanskrit prayer for Maddox, his son, similar to one Angelina wears on her back only not nearly as large.  Maddox was born in Cambodia on August 5th, 2001 and the couple adopted him along with Zahara Marley on January 19th, 2006.

Left Forearm

Last of the real Brad Pitt tattoos is the sketch of Otzi, Europe’s oldest mummy.  In 1991, Otzi was found in a glacier in Italy and he was estimated to be 5,300 years old.  The tattoo is a simple outline and so far, no one was has determined why he chooses to pay tribute to this glorified mummy.

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Elisabetta Canalis Tattoos

Elisabetta Canalis Tattoos – Tacky or Sexy?

It seems as though Elisabetta Canalis tattoos are either loved or hated.  Even individuals who adore the ink on Angelina Jolie and Meghan Fox argue that on Elisabetta, her choices just seem trashy and misplaced.  Of course, others strongly disagree and say that nothing could ruin the good looks of this beauty.  Elisabetta is an Italian actress and model, most well-known for her relationship with George Clooney.

When Elisabetta Canalis tattoos aren’t being worn like a bracelet on Clooney’s arm, she is mostly recognized as being a lingerie model for Roberto Cavalli and gracing endless magazines such as Maxim and GQ.  One thing is for sure, she has no problem flaunting her ink, not even on the red carpet.


First on the list of Elisabetta Canalis tattoos is the fairly wide armband of roses she wears on her right bicep.  Originally, there was a tattoo here that read EMINEM, as tribute to the rapper.  She never had a relationship with him but is a huge fan and in one interview she said that some of his music helped her get though a rough time.  Apparently, she realized that this probably wasn’t the best tattoo choice for a model.


Many people aren’t aware that there is a small lizard on the list of Elisabetta Canalis tattoos.  This piece is found on her right ankle and they actually are pretty symbolic reptiles.  Lizards often represent searching for light or they can be a symbol of regeneration when worn by someone who has gone through an emotional hard time.


The first piece that started the collection of Elisabetta Canalis tattoos is a small rose that she wears on her left wrist.  Roses are traditionally a symbol of love or remembrance.  These flowers have remained the most popular choice for tattoo work through many decades.

Quotes seem to be a huge trend right now in the tattoo world, especially in Hollywood.  Of course, the collection of Elisabetta Canalis tattoos does not disappoint in this department.  She wears the inscription of Pain is Love across her right forearm and the words I’ll never walk alone written quite large down her left forearm.  The latter is her latest piece and there is no explanation for it but some suggest that it could have something to do with her relationship with George Clooney.  Unfortunately, Clooney recently said he will never get married again and he’s just not a good fit for the long-term commitment.  Only time will tell what happens between these two.

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David Beckham Tattoos

The Phenomenal List of David Beckham Tattoos

David Beckham tattoos are certainly some of the most photographed out of all athletes.  This soccer star is as well known for his tattoos and fashion sense as he is for the game. 

Of course, the fact that him and wife Victoria do make up one of the sexiest couples alive, there is good reason why the  paparazzi cannot get enough of him.

Most of the collection of David Beckham tattoos have been completed by Louis Malloy, a Manchester tattooist who is said to be the UK’s most prominent.

Beckham has even n Malloy to where he happen to be to get work done.

Full Sleeve

One of the newest pieces on the list of David Beckham tattoos is an extremely detailed full sleeve on his right arm with a length of two feet.  He was so committed that he had the whole thing done in three days which is really unheard of for a tattoo of this size.

There are two symbolic pieces within that are said to be a reflection of the turmoil that he was feeling over moving to LA.  The words Pray for Me on his inner right wrist is the most significant part.


On the inside of his left forearm is where you’ll find the next piece in the many David Beckham tattoos.  His wife, Victoria’s name is written in Hindi script although there has been speculation of improper spelling.  Underneath the tattoo are the words Ut Amen Et Foveam, translated from Latin means so that I love and cherish.


The next three pieces on the list of David Beckham tattoos are all tributes to his three sons.

 Brooklyn – His first born son’s name is placed across his lower back.

• Romeo – His second son’s name is right below the nape of his neck.

• Cruz – Beckham’s third born son is directly below a winged-figure on his back.


• Winged Cross – During the 2004 UEFA Championships, this athlete felt the need to add to the list of David Beckham tattoos so he flew his tattooist to him to create a winged-cross on the back of his neck, clearly visible with his shaved head.  Beckham certainly does not hide his spirituality!

• Guardian Angel – Stretched out over his shoulder blades is a winged-figure that Beckham describes as a guardian angel.  Most fans noticed when this piece got much bigger after it was altered to make the wings appear more life-like.

• Jesus – Revealed in January of 2010, a tattoo of Jesus on his way to the cross on his right side. His inspiration for the piece came from The Man of Sorrows, a painting by Matthew R. Brooks.

• Chinese Characters – Running down his left torso are Mandarin Chinese symbols that read Riches and Honors Depends on Heaven.  This piece was completed in Hong Kong in March of 2008.

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Avril Lavigne Tattoos

The People That Inspired Avril Lavigne Tattoos

Although Avril Lavigne tattoos are small, there is a good collection to speak of and they all have some solid meaning behind them.  Born in Belleville, Ontario, Avril shared the stage with Shania Twain at 15 and signed a record deal by the time she turned 16. 

She is not only an outstanding singer and songwriter, Avril is an actress, fashion designer and philanthropist.  The great thing about her is that she is proud of who she is and she loves to show off her tattoos every chance she gets.

Tattoos Inspired by Deryck Whibley

A couple of the pieces on the list of Avril Lavigne tattoos were inspired by her brief marriage to Deryck Whibley, guitarist and lead singer for Sum 41.  In 2004, she got a tattoo of the letter D with a small pink heart around it on her right wrist while they were dating.  Deryck purposed in 2005 in Venice and the couple was married at a small wedding in 2006. 

By November 2009, their divorce was finalized but they parted as friends.  Interestingly, Deryck continued to inspire Avril Lavigne tattoos because they got tattoos together, as friends, in March 2010 for his 30th birthday.

Tattoos Inspired by Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner, most commonly known for his role on The Hills, picked up where Deryck left off.  A month after Avril had matching pieces done with Deryck, she added to the collection of Avril Lavigne tattoos getting matching ones with Brody.  This time she chose a lightening bolt for her wrist and Brody wears his under his ear.

In spring of 2010, Avril Lavigne tattoos gained a great deal of media attention when her and Brody once again got matching pieces of the word fuck displayed on their ribs.  Avril says this is her favorite word.  Shortly after, in July 2010, pictures were taken of Avril in a bikini with the word Brody written right beneath her right breast.

Other Avril Lavigne Tattoos

• Stars – On the inside of her left wrist is a star that matches the one that was used for her album work.  Her musical associate and friend, Ben Moody, got the same exact piece.  There is also an outline of a star above her left hip bone and a small one on the inside of her right elbow.

• Abbey Dawn – The words Abbey Dawn are on her left forearm which happens to be the name of her clothing line that is available exclusively at Kohls.  It’s fun, flirty, punk and comfortable apparel all rolled into one great collection.

• XXV – Last on the list of Avril Lavigne tattoos are the Roman numerals XXV on the inside of her right forearm which simply was her age at the time.

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Milo Ventimiglia Tattoos

The Mystery Behind Milo Ventimiglia Tattoos

While there are only three real Milo Ventimiglia tattoos to speak of, each one creates more mystery than the last. 

This popular actor is best known for playing Peter Petrelli on Heroes but fans first noticed the collection of Milo Ventimiglia tattoos when he exploded with popularity playing Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls.

Milo gets his good looks from an eclectic mix of nationalities from his parents.  His father is Sicilian however, his mother has English, Scottish, French, Irish and Cherokee Indian ancestry. 

What’s to love about this actor aside from the mysterious Milo Ventimiglia tattoos?  He doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs and he is a lacto-vegetarian.  Not to mention, he’s a skater fan and loves The Clash!


The first piece on the intriguing list of Milo Ventimiglia tattoos is one that simply reads S.L.R.S., on his left shoulder.  What do these letters stand for?  No one knows!  One would want to guess that they belong to a past relationship but his only notable ones are with Alexis Bledel and Hayden Panettiere. 

Some have speculated it could be linked to the SLR camera but that seems pretty foolish.  While the camera does love capturing Milo Ventimiglia tattoos, it is highly unlikely that this is the inspiration  behind the piece.  Looks like for now, fans will just have to wait anxiously until he reveals the meaning to the public.


Next on the list of Milo Ventimiglia tattoos is a star on the inner portion of his right upper arm.  Although star tattoos have many different meanings, the thick outlined one that he wears is a common scene piece among the punk rock crowd.  With his love for The Clash and skateboards, it is easy to assume that this is the reasoning behind the tattoo.  However, nautical stars are also a symbol for good luck in Ireland and they can still be found in many Irish hospitals.  With him and his mother being part Irish, the star could reflect this part of his ancestry but the punk inspiration is still the most believed reason.


The final piece in the collection of Milo Ventimiglia tattoos is a dragon he wears on the back of his left calve.  Since Milo was born on July 8th, 1977, his Chinese symbol is the dragon, more specifically, a fire dragon.  This makes him compassionate, challenging, virtuous, fair and motivated by aspiration. 

People born under the dragon are strong, full of energy and always on the go which could be where his passion for running comes from.  Female fans should be interested to know that the dragon does best in a relationship with a rat, tiger, snake, pig, horse or rooster.

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Katy Perry Tattoos

The Controversy Over Katy Perry Tattoos

While there are only three Katy Perry tattoos to speak of, one manages to stir up its share of controversy. 

This American pop singer rose to fame when she released I Kissed a Girl, which happened to be her second single.  Since then, she’s been pretty much unstoppable with additional hits like California Gurls and Firework.

Interestingly, Katy Perry tattoos may have been Katy Hudson tattoos if it wasn’t for actress Kate Hudson.  Katy decided to use her mother’s maiden name for stage purposes because she felt as though there would be confusion with the similiarities. 

With her great voice, peculiar good looks and unique sense of style, the world is sure to see a lot more of Katy Perry tattoos for a long time.


The most controversial of the Katy Perry tattoos is the word Jesus that she wears on her inner left wrist.  Many people who have assumed that she is a very religious person have been recently disturbed with why she would pose topless on the cover of Esquire Magazine.

This piece was first to begin the list of Katy Perry tattoos for a good reason.  She was raised by Christian pastor parents and grew up listening to gospel music only.  Katy sang in the church, went to Christian camps and was never permitted to listen to secular music.

Katy says she appreciates her religious upbringing but does not necessarily hold the same beliefs.  The Jesus piece in the collection of Katy Perry tattoos is positioned perfectly on her wrist so that she can see it when she’s playing guitar as a reminder that this is the life she came from and she can always go back.


Next on the list of Katy Perry tattoos is one that she got matching with her husband Russell Brand before they were married.  The words Go With the Flow are written in Sanskrit for personal meanings.  She met Russell on the set of Get Him to the Greek and the two began dating shortly after.  Russell purposed to Katy while they were vacationing in India together.  On October 23rd, 2010, the couple was married in Rajasthan, India, close to the Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary where they first got engaged.


Last in the collection of Katy Perry tattoos is a fun, red, smiling strawberry on the inside of her left ankle.  It is rumored that she got the piece to celebrate her success only it is not clear why she would choose a strawberry.  Fans could care less about the reasoning behind this one, it just adds to her exciting, unpredictable and very quirky charm.

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Keith Urban Tattoos

The List of Keith Urban Tattoos is Growing

The collection of Keith Urban tattoos has recently been altered and added to and while some fans are happy with the change, others certainly are not.  One thing that everyone can agree on though is that Keith Urban tattoos, for the most part, are personal and inspired by his life. 

This New Zealand born, popular country singer has released nine successful albums as well as one with his first band, The Ranch.  Keith has had 10 number one hits and at least 15 singles on the country charts.


The newest addition to the list of Keith Urban tattoos appears to be a very large tribal sun on his chest.  Though there have been no photos released yet of the entire piece fans have had a quick glance while he was wearing a button-down shirt. 

The sun is for his daughter, SUNday Rose Kidman Urban who was born on July 7th, 2008.  This is the couple’s first child and although they have both said that they don’t want her photographed, pictures have leaked out.


One of the more recent Keith Urban tattoos that he showed off for the first time in front of an audience of millions is the word NICOLE on his upper right bicep.  Keith was performing with Alicia Keys at Giants Stadium during the Live Earth New York show when he rolled up his sleeve and showed off this piece as a tribute to his wife, Nicole Kidman.  The two were married June 25, 2006 after her split with Tom Cruise was final, who she coincidentally seems to bring up still in every interview. 


Next on the list of Keith Urban tattoos is a script in Latin on his right wrist.  The piece reads Omni Vincit Amor which means Love Conquers All.  This tattoo has recently been altered as he felt it necessary to add NK, his wife’s initials to it.  The original tattoo was done sometime between 2002 and 2004 when he was dating supermodel Niki Taylor.  The couple got these matching tattoos together but he felt he needed to do something to personalize it for his current relationship.


The first piece in the collection of Keith Urban tattoos is an eagle he wears on his right shoulder that he got when he was 24.  Being born and raised in New Zealand and Australia, Keith says he really didn’t feel free in his life until he moved to America.  The eagle symbolizes freedom and it represents the United States.


The only colored  piece in the collection of Keith Urban tattoos is the phoenix he wears on the inside of his left forearm.  The phoenix is a suicidal bird who has the ability to be reborn from its own ashes.  This is a very powerful image.  Keith has spent time in rehabilitation on more than one occasion so it is suggested that this meaningful piece on the list of Keith Urban tattoos represents him getting through a tough time in his life.

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