Bif Naked Tattoos

The collection of Bif Naked tattoos is far more substantial than the average female celebrity wears. Born Beth Torbert in New Delhi on June 15th 1971, she is an award-winning singer, writer, actress, poet and motivational speaker. Her parents were only teenagers at  the time of her birth so she ended up being adopted and raised by American missionaries.

With her conservative upbringing in Kentucky and Winnipeg, it’s surprising to many people that such a vast assortment of Bif Naked tattoos even exists. She is a bisexual, a cancer survivor and a strict raw food vegan (not for animal reasons, strictly for her health).


Since the collection of Bif Naked tattoos began when she was a teenager, some have been on display since the beginning of her career, others have been added over time. Many people aren’t aware that she was part of both Chrome Dog and Gorilla Gorilla prior to beginning her successful career.

Naked has toured on her own and also has shared the stage with big names like the Cult, Foo Fighters, Sheryl Crow, Dido, Billy Idol and Snoop Dogg. She’s released a few solo albums including Bif Naked, Purge, I Bificus, Superbeautifulmonster, The Promise and she’s working on an acoustic album.

If the collection of Bif Naked tattoos and her singing career aren’t  enough to impress you, perhaps her acting accomplishments will. From 1990 to present, she’s played in Archangel, The Boys Club, Once a Thief, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Chris Isaak Show, Daria, Lunch with Charles, ZeD, The House of the Dead, Crossing and The L Word.

Bif Naked Tattoos

The collection of Bif Naked tattoos is extensive. In fact, her arms are so covered, it’s difficult to tell where one ends and another begins yet neither arm is considered to be complete a sleeve. Her first piece was an Egyptian eye of Horus that was completed when she was only 16. One of the most popular Bif Naked tattoos is the one that reads HARD CORE across her abdomen, with a floral pattern circling her belly button and a large Kanji symbol beneath it.

It is rumored that the Bif Naked tattoos on her left arm that are done in Kanji are to represent Survivor which she is, after fighting  through breast cancer in 2008.

The collection of Bif Naked tattoos on her right arm includes a monster, a dragon and a lot of Kanji. You will find a lotus on each shoulder as well as a small piece on each wrist. For more see our Tattoo Blog!

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