Audrina Patridge Tattoos Real or Fake?

Although the internet is flooded with photos of two different Audrina Patridge tattoos, there is question if they are real or fake.  Are they a cry for attention or a practical joke? 

Born May 9th, 1985, this American actress is most commonly known for her role in The Hills, an MTV reality show as well as being a contestant on the latest season  of Dancing With the Stars.  In addition to this, you have probably seen her in Sorority Row or Into the Blue 2.  However, no Audrina Patridge tattoos were ever present in any of her work.

2005 was the magical year when Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad moved into her building in Laguna Beach and started shooting The Hills.  She became friends with them and became a member of the show but no Audrina Patridge tattoos were yet to be seen. 

Interestingly, even though she was never meant to be an original cast member, she actually appeared in more episodes than anyone else.  In March of 2008, nude pictures of Audrina were released online that she said she unfortunately took right out of high school, starting her modeling career.  In October of 2010, she announced that she will be starting a series called Audrina in April 2011 on VHI, then fans will certainly see if the Audrina Patridge tattoos are real or not.

Neck Tattoos

First on the questionable list of Audrina Patridge tattoos is a serpent that is wrapped around what begins as a heart with four chambers, transitioning into a piece of fruit.  Throughout time, serpents have always been associated with both good and evil.  There are serpents of wisdom as well as gods and demons.  The fact that this one encompasses an object that is both a heart and fruit implies temptation.  However, since there is a green plant present as well, that suggests personal growth so the piece appears a little less sinister or dark.  If this piece on the list of Audrina Patridge tattoos is real than she has gained a lot of new fans and respect for her originality but it is suggested that she had this done for a photo shoot.

Arm Tattoos

The latest in the collection of Audrina Patridge tattoos are a number of Chinese characters running down the inside of her left forearm.  When she entered Blackwave Tattoo Parlor located in Los Angeles, bystanders anxiously stood by and waited to see her emerge with a bandage on her arm.  Interestingly, this piece on the list of Audrina Patridge tattoos actually reads pork oil fried rice so one can only assume this is a joke.  Fans will just have to wait for Audrina’s new show to see if either of her tattoos are real.

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