Arm Tattoos

Arm Tattoo Designs and Symbols

Tattoos are used in some cultures to mark manhood or even womanhood.  Most people have seen National Geographic’s shows dealing with pacific islanders or rain forest cultures and the way that tattoos play a part in the society.  Some of the techniques have been copied by American tattoo artist and some of the artwork is being put into arm tattoos.

Arm tattoos are popular because the person can hide the tattoo with a shirt.  They have the best of both worlds because they have a tattoo but during work it is hidden.  Some people will say that if a person has a tattoo they should be proud of it and show it off.  The basic premise is true but there are many jobs or careers that would frown on a tattoo.  Imagine going to work on wall street in a suit with tattoos all over the neck.  It does makes it hard to get some jobs.

People with arm tattoos usually get one that is either a badge of sorts like an eagle or shield, or a wrap around tattoo that takes advantage of the roundness for different artwork.  An arm tattoo can be expensive especially if it is detailed. 

One type of arm tattoo that is popular with many young people is a tribal tattoo.  Usually done in black ink it wraps around the arm above the elbow.  Another popular arm tattoo is the barb wire tattoo.  It’s similar to the tribal work but is a single or sometimes double strand of wire wrapping the arm.

One thing that is sure to happen is that many of the younger generations will grow older and the tattoos will not be wanted or some of the hot tattoos won’t be so hot later in life.  Each generation wants to stand out and proclaim that they are different from everyone else.  They look around and finally notice that they aren’t so different because all of their peers are the same.

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