Anthony Kiedis Tattoos

Anthony Kiedis tattoos may very well be more popular than his music.  Born in 1962, this American vocalist and occasional actor is most well known for being the lead vocalist of the Red Hot Chile Peppers.  Anthony Kiedis was born in Michigan, the divorce of his parents is what brought him to Los angles when he moved with his father who introduced him to a life of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

It is more than obvious that Anthony Kiedis tattoos tend to lean toward the tribal style.  His heritage includes Native-American which has certainly influenced many of the decisions he has made with his work.  Anthony Kiedis tattoos are black, bold and distinctive and although the collection has developed slowly over the years, they blend together nicely as if planned as one perfect masterpiece.


The most popular piece in the collection of Anthony Kiedis tattoos is the large Haida Thunderbird draped across his upper back.  The tattoo was completed back when the Red Hot Chile Peppers were doing their first European tour in  ’87 and ’88.  The artist who completed the piece was Henk Schiffmaker, otherwise known as Henky Penky out of Amsterdam.

The Thunderbird is a mythical creature often depicted as two-hearted and always respected for its power and intelligence.  While its exact symbolism is argued, the Haida clan associated with this creature has a long history.  Indigenous to North America’s West Coast, these Native-Americans are known as being naked fierce warriors also skilled in design, metal and wood.  They often tattooed themselves with these birds as reminders of mythical encounters.  This tattoo essentially became a tribal crest.


Although there is not a full sleeve included in the collection of Anthony Kiedis tattoos, there are enough pieces on his arms that don’t allow for much bare skin to be seen.  The work on his arms is very symmetrical, as if it has all been part of a master plan from the very beginning.  There are portraits of Chief Joseph and Sitting Bull, two Indian chiefs, on his upper biceps.  Also, on each bicep is a tribal type of armband going all the way around them.  These Anthony Kiedis tattoos were done in the early 90s, making him quite a trendsetter because this is long before tribal work became a huge craze.

Newer pieces on the list of Anthony Kiedis tattoos are tribal-style daggers, one on each forearm.  These are truly fabulous, incorporating tribal patterns and Celtic line work to cover real estate from his elbows to his wrists.  Although these Anthony Kiedis tattoos are similar, they absolutely are not identical.  Lastly, there is also a tiger climbing the inside of his right forearm.

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