Amy Winehouse Tattoos

A Tribute to Amy Winehouse Tattoos

Amy Winehouse tattoos are certainly not the only things that will be missed about this brilliant singer and songwriter. Her soulful voice, adoring lyrics and distinctive style earned her some of the most loyal fans any artist has ever seen.


It is said that Amy Winehouse tattoos tell the story of her life. She received her first guitar at 13 and there was no denying she would be something special. Her issues with substance abuse have never been hidden and she admitted to having problems with depression, eating disorders and self-harm as well. Endless times she flowed in and out of rehab but just couldn’t seem to shake her addiction.

In 2008, it was announced that she had an irregular heartbeat and her lungs were only operating at  70 percent. She was warned that she was nearing early stages of emphysema and if she didn’t make changes, she would end up wearing an oxygen mask or worse. On July 23rd, 2011, Winehouse was found dead by her bouncer. Unfortunately, toxicology reports won’t be available or two to four weeks.

Amy Winehouse Tattoos

Ankh Cross – This Egyptian hieroglyph symbol in the center of her upper back represents eternal life. She opted for wings being added to it when she spent several hours in North London at her favorite parlor getting it done. This was one of the pieces she had added when she was going through a rough period in her life.

Lighting Bolt – Next on the list of Amy Winehouse tattoos is a lighting bolt on her inner right forearm that represents might and power.

Singing Bird – On the inside of her right forearm you’ll find a singing bird that represents a vast range of human emotions. It’s accompanied by musical notes which are said to enhance the mood.

Anchor – Next in the collection of Amy Winehouse tattoos is an anchor on her stomach that says Hello Sailor. Anchors often represent holding steadfast but they have also been associated with the punk rock movement.

Blake’s – Amy wore the name of her husband beside a pocked, above her heart on her left breast. This is the most hated piece in the collection of Amy Winehouse tattoos by her mother Janis. Like many others, Janis blames her daughter’s addiction on Blake.

Feather – On the inside of her left forearm was a feather. This symbolizes the ability to take a flight creatively, emotionally or spirituality.

Pinup Girls – There were three pinup girls on the list of Amy Winehouse tattoos located on her shoulders. The one on the left shoulder was topless and when she was asked to cover it up for her Grammy performance, she drew on a bra with a magic marker instead.

Horseshoe – Above the pinup girl on her left shoulder was a horseshoe, a symbol said to represent good luck and ward off evil spirits.

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  1. By Juergen, October 14, 2012 @ 2:25 pm

    Nice tats, fascinating woman. Still such a great loss.

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