Amy Dumas Tattoos

Fans can’t seem to get enough of Amy Dumas tattoos; fortunately she has no problem showing them off. Also known as The Anti- Diva, Lovely Lita, The Extreme Diva and Queen of Extreme, Dumas is a retired WWE Diva and professional wrestler who went on to spend her time as the lead singer in The Luchagors.

Born 14 April 1975 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Dumas moved around and changed schools a lot. She’s not just another pretty face either; she actually finished high school early and even attended Georgia State University for a while before deciding it was just too juvenile. While she lived in Washington D.C., she played bass guitar for not one but several bands and worked as a roadie for five years. After this time, she started taking judo classes and wrestling.

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Throughout her career, fans have watched the collection of Amy Dumas tattoos grow. It was 1999 when she was approached to make her debut as Miss Congeniality and soon began using the name Angelica. By the end of the year, she was signed with WWE full time.

Dumas was given the name Lita and paired up with Essa Rios; this is where the magic really began. During this time, she was famous for wearing baggy pants that showed off her thong.

In April 2002, Dumas was filming a scene for Dark Angel,(see Jessica Alba Tattoos) fell on her neck and ended up having to have surgery on her vertebrae. It took her over a year to rehabilitate after this.

The collection of Amy Dumas tattoos was already pretty popular by the time she stopped her wrestling career. Of course, it was made even more popular when she started her band in 2006. The Luchagors debuted at Rock-N-Shock in Atlanta and suddenly there was a whole new group of fans who were crazy over the collection of Amy Dumas tattoos.

Amy Dumas Tattoos

 Gargoyle – One of the Amy Dumas tattoos that she’s most well-known for is the three-eyed green gargoyle that she wears on her right bicep. Despite the frightening appearance that most gargoyles display and although many associate them with being bad, they were actually originally created to ward off evil spirits.

• Punk – On the inner part of her lower lip is where you’ll find the next piece in the collection of Amy Dumas tattoos. The word punk is found here, a tattoo that certainly must have hurt just a bit.

• Iconoclast – On the lower part of her neck you will find the word Iconoclast. The piece is so intriguing because it’s done in Russian Cyrillic letters.

• Sleeve – Last on the list of Amy Dumas tattoos is a sleeve she had done in 2007. Her left arm features an array of designs including Mexican skulls; one wears a logo from the band 7 Seconds on its forehead.

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